Wow — I was blown away when I saw Zander’s 120 day results! When Zander came to me, he had already lost 30 lbs which is pretty impressive. He wanted to take his results to the next level and so I recommended Shakeology to go along with P90X. I also made a recommendation on what to eat. Throughout the 90 days of P90X and then 30 days of Insanity Asylum, he had to increase his calories to keep dropping bodyfat — and you can see the results! P90X Results!

With 100% Effort, Zander Gets Awesome Results

In His Own Words:

My life before was a disappointment. I was athletic when I was younger and was a regular at the gym in high school. Somewhere along the line I let partying take over my life and with that came horrible eating habits. At age 23 I found myself around 220 pounds which was a direct result of drinking, horrible eating and lack of motivation to do anything active. I had no direction and I was truly disappointed in myself. I wouldn’t even go to the beach or to an event that required taking your shirt off. I took on sobriety and lost about 30 pounds by running and doing pushups. As I felt myself gaining back strength and feeling average again I decided to take on P90X in an attempt to become extraordinary. I have never been so focused or committed to anything in my life. As I saw more and more change I became captivated by fitness and nutrition. Nothing was going to get in the way of me finishing and getting awesome results.

As I neared the end of P90X a friend asked “so what are you going to do after?”….. That is when I decided to get committed to the Asylum. I was nervous at first but knew that a new tougher challenge was exactly what I needed to keep my newfound motivation and drive. After 120 days of extremely hard work and 100% disciplined nutrition I can see that it was all worth it as I dropped down to 6% bodyfat and have abs for the first time in my life.

Doing P90X changed the way I view life.  Now I am focused and confident. I feel like I have a purpose in life and am truly pleased with my progress. Not to mention my relationships with friends and family are better because I am just a happier person all around.

I’m really proud of Zander because he obviously gave it a 100% effort and took the time to learn about nutrition and supplements. He has a new found confidence and has decided to pay it forward by becoming a coach on my team! You can visit him at his website:

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