Unstoppable Mindset: How to stay motivated to your goals

Would you like to know the secret to stay motivated to your goals? Well, the secret is: You don’t need motivation at all; you need the right MINDSET. And the KEY to staying MOTIVATED to your goals is FOCUSING ON PROGRESS.  

How to stay motivated to your fitness goals? Let’s go over a couple of things.

Notice I said progress and not results. Results are hugely motivating to me but sometimes, We don’t get the result that we want and that is when most people QUIT. That’s when most people get discouraged, that’s when most people get frustrated and what I’ve seen too many times; in the people that I’ve coached.

You know I’ve seen people who go on to succeed, and people go on to fail. The people who go on and fail typically gets stuck with a poor mindset of thinking that they’re not getting the results that they want or had expected and focus on how much further they have to go to get to where they want to be. They thought the results would come much easier than they were expecting.

How to stay motivated to your goals (video):

Mindset of Defeat: The Oww Brain

I love this visual from Todd Herman in the 90 Day Year. Here it shows The OWW Brain; this is a… the mindset that will end in defeat.


Starting in the top right number one: People look at current results and they compare it against their ideal result, the ideal outcome.

Then number 2: They begin that self talk, that judgement, criticism.

Then three: It makes you feel more frustrated and have low self worth.

And then four: It makes people avoid what they wanna do, and procrastinate and waste time.

And you really have to guard yourself from this trap, this bad mindset. So what is focusing on progress look like? Even when you’re getting results or not getting results, you’re always progressing here’s why: because you’re always learning. As long as you’re trying in making an effort you’re learning. Now how can that be? Even if you lost zero weight in a week? Maybe you gained a couple pounds… You’re learning something. Always. You’re either learning what’s working for your body or or you’re learning what’s working for your body. OR you simply OVERLOOKED the progress that you made.

Mindset of Success: The Wow Brain

The right mindset, starts the same way as the other person. Looking at current results but; They measure improvement.


And then step two: They began self talk of encouragement and support.

Which Number three: Leads to more motivation, confidence and high self worth.

Ending in Number Four: It caused them to take action, to see that vision, create a momentum.

I remember when I was going through my first round of P90x and the first week I gained three pounds. The second week I was still up 2 pounds from my starting weight. By the third week, I was back to my starting weight. I have lost zero pounds in weight.

What kept me motivated? It wasn’t the scale, it was the fact that I was checking my body fat and my measurements and I can see that my body fat was going down. I knew I was making progress the scale wasn’t showing it yet. I later learned why. You know when you first start a new work out program, especially with weights involved in the resistance training, Your body is more likely to be storing fluids for recovery. You can’t go off the scale alone, I know you’ve heard that before but It’s true.

And I know you want that to go down but it won’t always. There will be weeks that it stays the same, there will be weeks where it goes up. But I want you to FOCUS on PROGRESS and it’s not just results, I’m talking about progress in your nutrition. For instance, the first couple of week of my transformation, I was still drinking soda on the weekends, my cheat meal was more like a cheat weekend and overtime I just tried to improve it.  I didn’t aim for perfection in day one.

WATCH the video above to hear what happened next.

how to stay motivated to fitness goal