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Ultimate Reset Review and results

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In this Ultimate Reset Review, I’m going to share my journey using Beachbody’s 21-day, 3-phase program detox.   They say that The Ultimate Reset give you with everything you need to reclaim your body’s natural balance, release the harmful materials you may be storing within you, and restore your system to its maximum health.

I’ll be giving you an inside look at my ultimate reset meal plan, ultimate reset recipes and the emotional roller coaster I went on 🙂

Ultimate Reset Review

❤️***vulnerability post***❤️

I’ve worked really hard for the last 5 years to get into the best shape I’ve ever been in. ?? During that time I had another baby and still was able to lose the weight. It wasn’t an over night thing but about a year after I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. For the last year I’ve been struggling to lose anything even changing up my diet and exercise.

Then came September and it seemed like I hit a wall. We decided to start looking for a house and within 7 weeks we had closed on a house and decided to move. During those 7 weeks we celebrated my birthday, traveled for our leadership conference and were putting together our own diamond retreat. Right after the move we were celebrating David’s birthday and hosting 16 of our top leaders with a week of fun and learning. The weekend after we traveled to Arizona for David’s physique competition.

December we got a new puppy and hosted out of town family. Then came Trevor’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas and New Year celebrations. I was just living day to day stressed out and I knew my hormones and metabolism were screaming at me for it.

All of this was AWESOME and fun times that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Being with family is THE REASON we moved to Colorado. Being around such positive people like our coaches is priceless to us. Owning our own home is another piece of the puzzle to our dreams and goals. I feel so grateful to have been able to do all of that.

Here’s the thing though. I was stressing my body to the max. Getting little sleep. Eating a little more processed food for convenience. Skipping a workout here and there. And the result of it is even more weight and bloat.

In January I joined the 5 am club. I got up every morning and did my workout. I cleaned up my diet. I was doing everything right and still I continued to see the scale stuck. The scale is just one way to measure progress, or in my case no progress. It didn’t really bother me until it was time to go on our cruise and I didn’t have anything that fit.

On the cruise I couldn’t hide behind a sweatshirt. I didn’t post some of the photos that were taken of me because I could see the weight gain in my face. It really sucks to be where I am but I wouldn’t feel right not BEING REAL with you about my struggles. That’s when I KNEW that I needed some help with my hormones. I needed a RESET!!

So on Thursday I open that chapter…the one where I START OVER, in a sense. I’m detoxing my gut (where most diseases start) and cleaning out my system.

For 21 days I won’t be working out except my morning walks with Pepper. I’ll be following an exact meal plan and supplements. Drinking a lot of water and focusing on things that make me happy.

It’s NOT going to be easy. But guess what?! Gaining weight and hormonal issues aren’t easy!! Feeling fat isn’t easy. Having to buy bigger clothes isn’t easy. I’m ready to give this my all. I’m ready to FEEL GOOD again. To give this gift to my body.

I’ve had a lot of people asking questions so tonight at 6:30 mountain time I’ll be doing another Facebook live chat to answer them. Please feel free to listen in and ask any questions you may have. I know I’m not the only one out there that’s struggling with hormones, weight gain and bloating and I think EVERYONE should have the opportunity to learn about this amazing reset program.

Wait, No working out for 21 days?!?! That’s right!  You won’t be working out during this program (except for light walking & OPTIONAL yoga. That’s okay because you’ll need the extra time in the kitchen.

I kinda missed working out, but after seeing my final results in 21 days (which you’ll see below), I’m absolutely thrilled and very happy with this detox program!

Week 1 of Ultimate Reset

ultimate reset meal plan


Wanna see what I get to eat for my ultimate reset meal plan this week? Farmers Market here I go!

ultimate reset meal plan

Lunch is served!!

I’m sure I’ll be eating is lunch again! I sprinkled the nuts on my salad and it added a nice crunch and flavor to it. Not a fan of the nori rolls so I’ll have this meal instead. It’s one of my ultimate reset recipes.

Already a little over a half of a gallon of water gone and feeling great! It is just day one though..

Day 1 of Ultimate Reset

detox review

Gulp, gag. Gulp, gag. Hold it down, hold it down.

And that, my friends, is gross! At least I only have to drink it once a day. BLEH!!

Will let you know more as I go on in this detox review; we have to learn more about Detoxification and what it does to the body!

Power greens, what?!
Day 1 Ultimate Reset…✔ and I’m tired!

Day 2 of Ultimate Reset

ultimate reset recipes
ultimate reset recipes

Yummy!!! And crazy filling!

Now to get into my zen-like zone while my kids are at school.

Sorry, no live chat tonight. ? I have a slight headache that’s been there since yesterday but nothing I can’t handle. I got the kids pizza since Avery has a friend over and I’m not even tempted by it. That pizza will be there when I’m done. Well, not THAT pizza but another pizza. ? I tracked day 1’s calorie intake and it was around 1450 plus whatever small amount the supplements add. And the macros were 40 carb 30 protein and 30 fats almost exactly. Planning to do a yoga workout tomorrow since I’m starting to feel stiff. Oh, and they say that everyone’s body removes toxins differently and I now have a few small lovely zits. Hormones! Ugh! I’ll be having this dinner at least once more. It’s one of my favorites and one I actually still ate since doing the Reset years ago.
Night everyone!

Day 3 of Ultimate Reset

A little morning stretch…just what I needed. The first time I did the Ultimate Reset I worried about EVERYTHING . Making sure I got everything EXACTLY right. Guess what? It didn’t always happen. Which left me stressed even more and not enjoying the journey of healing and cleansing that was going on with my body and soul. I was prepared mentally this time around. It’s not about losing weight, although that’s a welcomed side effect. ? it’s truly a transformation of mind, body and spirit. Don’t get so caught up on the details of things. Enjoy the journey. Relax and take a deep breath. See the beauty in your journey.

detox review
ultimate reset recipes

Lunch is served!!

I’m sure I’ll be eating is lunch again! I sprinkled the nuts on my salad and it added a nice crunch and flavor to it. Not a fan of the nori rolls so I’ll have this meal instead. It’s one of my ultimate reset recipes.

Already a little over a half of a gallon of water gone and feeling great! It is just day one though..

ultimate reset meal plan
ultimate reset meal plan

Day 4 of Ultimate Reset

Day 4!! And this breakfast was the BEST!! ??? Seriously tasted like I was eating pure sugar!! ??? It’s AMAZING how things taste once you remove processed foods and sugar out of your diet!! Enjoyed a quiet (well as quiet as it can get with a 3 year old ?) breakfast with Emmy while everyone else is sleeping in. My body is aching and tired but my mind and spirit are LOVING this!! Feeling a little aloof but I know both of those are part of the cleansing process. Now to enjoy this beautiful Sabbath day with my family!! It’s suppose to be in the 60’s today!!!!!! ☀?

ultimate reset meal plan

Dinner is served!!
Weird to think that I won’t be eating meat again for another 2 1/2 weeks.

Day 5 of Ultimate Reset

ultimate reset recipes

Lunch…what can I say? ?? DELISH!! I LOVE hummus so this was AMAZEBALLS to me! Yes, that is 1/2 cup of hummus! ?? I had to read the meal plan a couple of times to verify. The quinoa was good. Not as awesome as the hummus, but good. I’m loving the meal plan for this week. The achy and tired body I could do without though. I said I wasn’t going to get on the scale until the beginning of week 2 but jumped on this morning anyway. ? I’m down 2.2 lbs in 4 days!!!

ultimate reset meal plan

Day 5 update! Let’s talk about will power. Found these in the freezer ?? looking for some corn for the kids. My jaw dropped! I thought we had removed everything tempting out of the house!! Funny thing, I gave David some crap about it ? and then put them back in the freezer. They didn’t even tempt me!! I didn’t want to eat them!! As I continue to learn more about how our body processes food, how food affects the way we feel and our hormones it makes me that much more excited to stick with this!!

Day 6 of Ultimate Reset

ultimate reset recipes

My workout today consisted of picking up my spoon and repeatedly putting some of this yumminess in my mouth!!!????

Power greens on the go. Coincidentally they also help me go ??

Day 6 Ultimate Reset update!!

No, that’s not baby poop. It’s seriously the most amazing zucchini cashew soup!! It’s one thing I’ve continued to make over the last 3 years. And BONUS!! I get to have it again for lunch!! Physically this reset has been hard. I haven’t slept well the last few nights and my lower back is hurting. I remember these pains the first time I did it though so I know it’s temporary. I’ve been learning so much about myself and my body.
* if I’m just doing it to “do it” I will revert back to old habits. On the other hand when I’m determined and have a goal, I am unstoppable.
* you are what you eat. No really. I’ve heard that saying so many times and it just never resonated with me the way it does now. Our bodies are miracles and will adapt to the way we eat but with the crappy food comes diseases and deficiencies.
* take time to slow down. To listen to your spirit. Relax. Not while stimulating you brain watching the TV. I mean the bubble bath kind of relaxing.
* do things that make you happy. Serve others. Be a friend. Try to see the good in everyone. Be a shining light. There are so many negative people in the world. Don’t let their negativity affect you. Chose to be happy and share it.
* and last, love yourself. You are the only YOU and that’s all you need to be!!

This reset has my emotions everywhere right now! One minute I’m laughing and the next I’m crying. Now I’m mad because I’m having a hard time getting the grocery list for week 2 to print. The Piano Guys to the rescue!! Listening to their music always calms me down.

Week 2 of Ultimate Reset

ultimate reset recipes

Week 1 is in the books!! Stay tuned for a review of my week one! I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly because I’ve had all of those during this first week! ?

ultimate reset meal plan

It’s a good thing I love fruit because this is what my next 2 weeks of breakfasts are going to look like!!??

Day 8 of Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Review

Day 8!! Definitely a little more hungry today. The lemony detox (not pictured) helped fill me up a bit. I didn’t do any meal prepping for this week so dinner is super late and I kinda broke down. Made extras for tomorrow lunch and then another nights dinner, just in case. I’m ready for day 9!

Day 9 of Ultimate Reset

I did it! I made it through a girls night out without caving! ???? Brought my gallon jug of salted distillers water and my Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper bisque. ⬅⬅yes it was as good as it sounds!! Wish me luck…weekends when everyone is home are the hardest!

Ultimate Reset Review

Well lunch was AH-MAZ-ING!!! ?
Weekends are hard to stay on track. The kids are home and Luke asked me at least a dozen times if we could go out for lunch. Finally sat down to eat lunch at 3pm which will make a super late dinner. Trevor’s football team is having a parent meet and greet tonight so I’ll be taking my shakeology to go. SO glad I can still have that while doing this reset! Just gotta make it through today and tomorrow!!

Day 10 of Ultimate Reset

ultimate reset meal plan

Day 10: Almost 11 pm and I’m FINALLY done eating. ? seriously, if you think you have to stop eating at 7pm to lose weight…I’m proving that wrong. ??

Day 11 of Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Review

Still eating lots of yummy food!! And still not a fan of the super greens but chugging them. ? One of the fastest way to lose weight is to drink enough water to fully hydrate your body. This helps your body cleanse it’s organs so they can do their job. I’ve been drinking at least one gallon a day of Distilled water with added Himalayan salt for its minerals and feel so much better!!

Day 12 of Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Review

Not gonna lie…day 12 (yesterday) I was ready to give up. So many things around me that I wanted to shove in my face and depressed feelings just made me grumpy. I honestly think the hardest part of this reset is not being able to eat when you want to…even healthy food. I love all these foods I’m eating but timing everything has been a little crazy. What I’ve also learned is that I like to snack when I’m doing things. I’m learning how to eat 4 meals a day and make time to make them. I’ve gained some really amazing recipes that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks as well as blogging my journey with the Reset.

Ultimate Reset Review Week 3

Yes, I literally HUGGED my food! ? Why? Because I’m feeling AMAZING right now!! I’m down 8 pound exactly and I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist and 1.5 inches in my hips!!!?? In just the past 2 weeks but what’s CRAZY is the amount of food I’ve been eating AND STILL LOSING WEIGHT!! This is a cleanse like no other. It’s not a starving cleanse. It’s not one where you eat just one food like grapefruit or honey and lemon water. This cleanse uses WHOLE FOODS along with whole food supplements to help cleanse your gut and digestive tract and then adds back in the good stuff that needs to be there. It’s like taking a toothbrush and scrubbing away all the toxins that have built up from the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe…etc.

Imagine a beaver dam. Only a little amount of water gets through it. That’s how a toxin filled gut works…little nutrients can be absorbed from the foods you’re eating making your body work over time and become deficient in the nutrients it needs to function properly. This program isn’t easy, especially in our food driven society. I’ve had to make sacrifices (can we say brownies with Andies mints melted on top ??! ((One more week, one more week?) but each time I do it I learn more about myself, about food and how I can continue to eat healthy with a few treats thrown in there…starting with those brownies. ? P.s. Fresh herbs smell AMAZING!! I can’t help but walk through Sprouts and sniff the fresh herbs!! ??

Day 15 of Ultimate Reset

detox review

Day 15 ✔ Today I only ate fruits and veggies. ? I was SO full after lunch and dinner. Honestly I’m shocked at how filling and amazing tasting the food is. The Asian cabbage salad’s dressing was a bit strong so when I make it again I’ll double the slaw part. This week is going to be a lot harder, not just because the food but also the supplements. I’ve always had a hard time swallowing pills and 2 times a day I take 4 pills and at the end of the day I take 6. I’m crazy excited about my results! My pants are fitting SO much better! Can’t wait to share my pics when I’m all done!

detox review
detox review

Day 18 of Ultimate Reset

Day 18 and still here.
I keep telling myself it’s only X number of days left. I’m down 10 pounds and a ton of inches. My clothes are fitting so much better and my energy has finally started to come back! Tonight when I realized I didn’t buy the fennel bulb (didn’t like it last time) that I had to throw something together. Asian stir fry it was along with a bowl of Hearty miso soup. Being able to eat meals within the same week has been a lifesaver some days. I’m amazed each day that goes by without eating meat. I think it’s been over 2 weeks now?
I’m REALLY wanting some eggs. Lol! I know out of everything I could want to eat it’s eggs. ? Still going strong and not caving even though there’s been a lot of yummy food around. ??

Day 20 of the Ultimate Reset


ultimate reset meal plan

??One more day!!!??
I’m excited to be finished with the reset and continue putting into practice the things I’ve learned throughout these last 3 weeks.
When you’re committed to something you won’t let little things derail you. You have your eye on the prize and keep moving towards that goal. As of tomorrow I will be able to say that I have completed the Beachbody Ultimate Reset twice!! What should I do to celebrate? New workout pants or tank? Pedicure? Dance in the street? ?

Day 21 of Ultimate Reset

ultimate reset meal plan

Day 21 is here!! I’m excitedly preparing my meals for the next few days to slowly add back in grains, then beans, then eggs, then meat and last, dairy.
There are SO many benefits from doing this program but one that I think helps people the most is POST Reset. Since you’ve removed all the foods that tend to cause inflammation and scrubbed your body clean, it will tell you what foods it doesn’t like. If your body has an intolerance to gluten you’ll notice it when you add that back in…same thing with dairy, meat and eggs. I’m excited to be done but I’m going to miss having an exact meal plan of what to eat Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner. I’m gonna miss the grocery list with exactly what you need to buy each week.I’m gonna miss sleeping in since I wasn’t working out. Wait, I GET TO START WORKING OUT AGAIN!!!!! YAY!!!! Now to decide what program and make a full meal plan since i’ve learned I do better when I know exactly what I’m suppose to eat at each meal. What workout should I do?!

My last lunch on the Ultimate Reset with my ultimate reset meal plan!! I sat here today totaling up all the food I’ve had over the past 3 weeks and I can’t believe how many veggies I’ve had!! The ultimate reset recipes I’ve had was awesome! Can’t wait to share my end results!!

My Ultimate Reset Results !!

I made it!! Day 21 is done!!???
It’s been a crazy 3 weeks and I’m not sure what tomorrow’s stats are going to be but here’s what I CAN tell you:
*  I FEEL amazing!!
*  I FEEL my clothes fitting better!
*  I don’t crave sugar
*  I’ve proven to myself that I can do hard things
*  I haven’t had meat in 18 days!
*  I ate 14 cucumbers in the last 3 weeks!!!
*  I like following an exact meal plan…so much easier!
*  I LOVE fruit!!
*  I will be doing this program every April to keep my body clean and healthy!!

Detoxification is good for the body and I would recommend that everyone try it!

Here are the final results

Ultimate Reset Review
ultimate reset meal plan
detox review

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