Top 11 Tips to Succeed with the Ultimate Reset

Hi! I’m Kate Ingram with and I just finished the most amazing program called the Ultimate Reset. It’s 21 days of pure clean eating. Along with whole food supplements that helps to detox your body and to release the toxins that are building up inside of your body.

On this program in 3 weeks; I was able to lose 11.4 pounds and all that inflammation. I lost over 3 inches on my waist alone.

And I want to give you my top 10 (11) tips to succeeding with the ultimate reset.

Drink your water.

It’s so important that you’re getting enough water to keep your body hydrated, but also so your body can flush out all those toxins that it’s working so hard to release. I also found that a fourth teaspoon of the mineralize, which is also Himalayan salt, that in a gallon jug of water was perfect and I couldn’t even tell that there salt was there.

Wean yourself from caffeine BEFORE you start doing the Ultimate Reset.

I like to take a pre- workout supplement to get a better pump before a workout. If you try quitting cold turkey your body will have withdrawal which can cause really bad headaches. So try to wean yourself slowly off of the caffeine rather than cutting cold turkey the day you start. You’ll have a much better experience with the Ultimate Reset if you do.

Prepare your meals ahead of time.

Know what’s coming up the next day. That’s especially helpful on the weekends when it seems like that’s when all the parties are with cake and candies and goodies. If you have your food prepared, you can take it along with you. Bring along your gallon jug while you’re at it. 🙂

Sub meals from the same week.

Except on week 1 where there’s meat and eggs. You should really only eat those in the days that they say. The purpose of the first week is to actually start removing, meat and eggs out of your diet.

Double or even triple the recipes you know you’re going to like.

For instance, in week 1, I know that I like brown rice and black beans. So I tripled that recipe. Then when it came to time to make the nori rolls and I didn’t like it, I had something to fall back on to eat.

Go into this with an attitude of it’s just ___ many days and then I can have that.

I’ve found that when I was out and doing things, or I saw something I wanted… like that big nice brownie, when I told myself, “you know what? I can make myself a whole entire pan of 9 x 13 pan of brownies.” I found that when I could say that, it wasn’t as bad saying no to those foods that you shouldn’t have while you’re doing the reset.

Pre-cook food for your family.

Because nobody wants to lose weight and watch their family eat garbage. Plus you’ll be less tempted by the foods, because it’s foods you typically eat.  Not the pasta, pizza, or burgers, or whatever you can get for your family that’s quick.

Get a chopper

And no I don’t mean a helicopter. I’m talking a food chopper or a food dicer. On this program, you are cutting and chopping and dicing so many veggies and to have a dicer, to be able to do it quickly, will take a lot of time off of making your meals.

Try to plan it when you have 3 weeks with no travelling…

Whether it’s for business, or vacation. Find a time when you’ll have the least amount of temptations.  Over the summer I found was really difficult when I did the Ultimate Reset the first time because I wanted to take my kids to the pool, I wanted my kids and go do all this stuff. We had vacations that we were going on and it made it really difficult to stay on track with the Ultimate Reset.

Power greens

I highly recommend when you drink your power greens, that you do it as a shot. Only add about 2 ounces of water and just chug it. Then if you need to (I drink water) you can suck on a lemon wedge as well to get that taste out of your mouth.

Do it with a friend

Or someone that can encourage you and can help keep you accountable. Like me! I’ve already been through the program, and I love what the Ultimate reset did for me. It wasn’t always easy, I had my moments where I wanted to quit. Thankfully I had my husband’s support and I had other coaches, in a group that encouraged me when I didn’t feel like I could continue on. So find a support group that can help you through this program.

I’m gonna give you one extra special tip, because this is the one thing that honestly I felt like helped me the most throughout the whole entire reset. And that’s my secret weapon of tropical Shakeology.

And what I like to do with the tropical Shakeology is make my own sherbet. It feels like you’re cheating like you shouldn’t be eating it, and it’s amazing.

To make your tropical Shakeology Sherbet, all you do is add one cup of distilled ice, yes that’s ice made with distilled water, in ice cube trays. About 10 frozen cherries and a scoop of the tropical Shakeology. Mix it in a really good blender, and it will come out really thick. If it doesn’t come out thick enough, you can always put it in the freezer, to thicken it up and then enjoy your little dessert.

So I hope you found these tips helpful and also, let me know how your Ultimate Reset goes. This is an amazing program and if you stick with it, you’re going to see results. Thanks for watching!


That’s all for my Top 11 Tips to Succeed with the Ultimate Reset. You can also check out My Ultimate Reset Review here and my Ultimate Reset Results here.

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