Can you really just pin up a few pictures on a “vision board” and turn your life around? I mean, doing P90X gets you ripped, but it doesn’t make you a Ms. Fitness USA finalist–or does it?

Ask Stephanie Diehl, because she did exactly that!

For much of her life prior to 2007, time passed without meaning. She didn’t care about a lot. Her body fat percentage was at 28%, self-esteem needed a boost and even if she wanted to change she couldn’t imagine having a plan to get her there.

Until she walked passed an Oxygen Magazine, a magazine dedicated to women’s fitness and training. “I’d love to look like THAT,” she remembers saying to herself as she flipped through page after page of fit and healthy women. And then the P90X infomercial comes on TV…and the rest is history!


Check out her accomplishments:

* 2008 Ms Fitness USA finals
* 2010 NPC Rocky Mountain
* can do one-arm pushups, L-holds and straddle holds (moves you usually only see olympic athletes do!)

The desire to change became so great that in nine months she dropped 30 lbs and got her body fat down to an amazing 12%!!!!

She admits it wasn’t always easy. Stephanie thanks her coach for recommending Shakeology to support her nutrition and is infinitely grateful for the encouragement. She feels alive again and walks through life with super confidence. Way to go, Steph!


1) What were your before/after stats (weight/bodyfat)?
Before: 162lbs, about 28% body fat.
After: 133lbs, about 12% body fat.

What exercise program(s) did you use and in what time frame?
I used P90X to help me get into amazing shape and prepare for the Ms. Fitness USA Finals for 2008.  It took me about 9 months to go from my before photo to my after photo and compete at Nationals.   P90X helped me succeed at difficult skills like one arm push ups, L-holds, and straddle holds that were done in my fitness routine.  P90X also help me increase my endurance!  I got to do things I never thought I could do athletically and it really was because of what I was being challenged with in P90X.  I continued to with P90X for my competitions.  2010 NPC Rocky Mountain I came in the best shape of my life I P90X plyo helped me condition for it.  I came in at the Rocky at 140 #  and I was a ROCK 🙂

2) What your life was like before and how it has changed/improved?

I felt horrible about myself before I decided to commit to myself with P90X. Looking at my self in the mirror was not a great experience.  I had very little self esteem. I felt worthless inside. I was tired all the time and like I was just existing from day to day.  Life was bland. One day I picked up an Oxygen Magazine.  I was inspired by the fit and healthy women that were in there.  I wanted to be like them but had no idea how to do it.  I then saw a P90X commercial.  At first it seemed a little extreme for me and I certainly struggled with it but I didn’t give up.  I wanted to change my life.  I wanted to live life to the fullest and I just wasn’t accomplishing that living the sedentary life I was living, I went from wanting to be like those fitness models to actually being a fitness model! Now I LOVE having a high level of fitness. I can climb stairs with out feeling winded.  I can do all the thing that I wanted to but was physically hindered before I took back my fitness. Running, jogging, lifting heavy things that I normally would not have thought I could really gives me confidence.  I AM living life to the fullest.  The coolest part is my fitness transfers into all areas of my life.  I have more self-confidence, more energy, I like who I see in the mirror.  When I am faced with a challenge I remember all the thing I have accomplished that I never thought I could and I go take it on.

3) How has the support of a coach and this team helped you?

I could not have done any of that with out the help and support of a coach.  I didn’t have a clue how to make my fitness dreams a reality. My coach helped show me the way, encouraged me, held me accountable and was always there for me.  Having a coach was a vital part of my success.  I am so grateful that Beachbody  has this.  It helps so many people , and motivates them.  When I didn’t believe in myself, my coach did and that was enough to keep pushing play.

4) Besides the support of a coach & team, what was the key to your success?

Nutrition!  Eating right!  I can workout all day long, but if I wanted to accomplish the goal I had set I HAD to eat right.  Shakeology is an important part of eating right.  Truth be told I didn’t know how to eat right.  I learned how plan my meals.  I had never done this before.  Taking the time to prepare my food in advance of my busy schedule made a difference.

5) What tips would you give to someone who is new and starting out?

Don’t give up on yourself.  Beachbody has all the tools you need to succeed.  Great workouts, amazing supplements including shakeology and a wonderful support system.  That is a perfect recipe for success.  All you need to do is take advantage of it!  Be engaged!  If you keep pushing play you will succeed.  YOU WILL!  I think joining a challenge group is one of the best ways you can stay motivated.  There you have a group of people all doing the same thing you are.  As a group you motivate each other.  I also like making Dream Boards or Vision Boards.  Creating something that represents your fitness goals helps me to stay focused on why I am doing one more push up when I want to quit, or passing on eating that brownie in the office.  I really believe in Beachbody.  I am also grateful for the opportunity I have to help others succeed at their fitness goals.  I think that helping others as a coach helps me try a little harder with each workout.  PLUS I think there is power when you are thinking/helping other people.  Everyone benefits from this system.


Watch her inspirational transformation story.

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