The story of Shannon McArthur begins with an addiction to diet pills, 3 kids and weighing 200 lbs with 38% of that being body fat. The beauty of being a mother quickly flipped into a nightmare when she turned to alcohol to cope with the feelings of being overweight. While it was easier to drink during social gatherings, on the inside Shannon knew she couldn’t keep this up for long. And sure enough, her problems began to spread out to her family, eventually destroying it.


In an attempt to change back to her normal weight, she joined a gym. But after paying for membership for much over a year, she was still overweight.
It wasn’t until she met online with a Beachbody coach that Shannon’s life began to change. From the inside out, she transformed her life and dropped 25 lbs–in only 3 months! TurboFire and Chalean Extreme, her exercise programs, were so much fun that she made exercising part of her life. After 9 months, she lost a total of 45 lbs!!! You bet she kissed that gym membership goodbye! She only needed some motivation from her coach and a little room in front of her TV. Her nutrition included drinking Shakeology and taking the Energy & Endurance supplement.

Today, Shannon is grateful for becoming a part of the Beachbody community. She can keep up with her kids and is a super mom and better wife. When asked to describe her results in just two words, Shannon said, “Confidence. And energy!”

Watch her inspirational transformation story.

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1) What were your before/after stats (weight/bodyfat)?
Before: 176lbs, about 38% body fat.
After: 131lbs, about 17% body fat.

What exercise program(s) did you use and in what time frame?
Turbofire and Chalean Extreme sept-sept(1 year)

2) What your life was like before and how it has changed/improved?

I never took care of my body. I had an eating disorder, was addicted to diet pills, so self conscious that i would get drunk to be able to be comfortable around me friends and family, it almost caused my husband and i to divorce. i was so unhappy with my self and i just dont even know how i got there. my life now is amazing! i have NEVER felt this great! it so hard to even put it into words! my husband and i are the happiest we have been( and we have THE BEST relationship) I am so much more active with my kids! i dont get drunk any more! i love working out and i love how i feel! i dont worry about my weight, or the way i look, or shopping for clothes. i just FEEL TOTALLY AWESOME!!

3) How has the support of a coach and this team helped you?

OMGosh!! Kate is one of my best friends! my life really started changing the day i found her video on youtube! she is such an inspiration to me and i know she will say i give her too much credit BUT i truly owe her my life! She never gave up on me AND she still pushes me to do my best! i cant imagine my life with out her in it! <3

4) Besides the support of a coach & team, what was the key to your success?

Besides kate, david and their amazing team??? hmmm….well i think i have say that my husbands compliments keep me going and the way he always tells me how proud he is of me and US! also i feel that me being a coach now and helping others who are where i used to be is really keeping me on track. i love that i get to help others and that they are helping me stay motivated at the same time! i just try and remind myself how great it feels to be here and to not go back to where is was.

5) What tips would you give to someone who is new and starting out?

Just be honest with yourself. If you’re working out and eating healthy…thats awesome BUT when you fall of track you have to talk about that too! find a buddy and get in a challenge group OR any group, just as long as you have some support! thats is so SOSOSO important! its babysteps…nothing happens easy. you have to work at it every day and push thru the tough ones and don’t give up! when you fall off….just get back on! your body remembers how great it feel when you treat it right!!