Non Scale victories

Non Scale victories

Do you or anyone you know get depressed when the scale doesn’t move? Ready to give up on this “exercise and eating healthy” thing? Want to do non scale victories? Then this is for you.

Scale not moving

If you’re not happy with your results you’re going to quit, right? Because whenever you weigh yourself the scale is not moving right? Guess what? Then you’ll never be happy with your results. Working out and eating healthy isn’t something that you “try” and test it out to see if it will work. It’s a journey that you have to commit yourself to for LIFE. You have to have the mindset of “I won’t give up until I get there! No matter what!!!” The scale does NOT define who you are or the changes that are happening to your body. Your lungs are able to hold more oxygen, your heart is stronger, your muscles are stronger, you’re releasing endorphins when you workout that stimulate the brain…the list goes on and on.

Scale not moving but losing inches

I’ve been at a weight loss plateau since August. I keep gaining and losing the same 2-4 pounds. Is it discouraging? A little, but I know that if I give up now I won’t ever get to where I want to be, so I press forward. As women we tend to focus on the scale WAY too much and it doesn’t help us. Take photos and measurements. Before you start a program see how many pushups/pull ups, high leg kicks, jumping jacks…etc you can do in one minute. Do the same thing at the end of the program. You’ll see those numbers go up. Focus on the things that ARE changing.

I think I’ve posted these photos here before but I want to share them again. There is no weight difference in these photos but you can DEFINITELY SEE the difference. Commit to working out and eating healthy FOR LIFE. Keep pushing through those barriers. Usually, when you feel like you can’t go any further and push through anyway, that’s when you’ll have your breakthrough…and it will be the sweetest thing you could ever imagine. You’re scale may not be moving, but you’re losing inches and that’s fine.