Ultimate Reset Results

I’m excited to share these Ultimate Reset results with you! I love working with Robyn because she’s so driven and has completed multiple Beachbody programs. She’s an avid runner and has finished multiple races.

Robyn decided to take her nutrition up a notch to detox her body.
While the Vegan lifestyle is not for her long-term, she plans to do the Ultimate Reset again because of how it helped her reduce bloating and increase her energy levels.

She rocked this Ultimate Reset, sticking to it and achieved great results! I’m very proud of her!


What program did you do? 

Ultimate Reset

What results did you see? How many inches did you lose?

7lbs. From 143 to 136 and I am a size 4-6 that didn’t change.

How has your life changed from this program?

I was an overweight child/teenager. I discovered my passion for health and fitness in my 20’s. I yo-yo’d a lot and struggled with distorted eating and a rigid out look with food. I lost 50lbs prior to discovering Beachbody. It wasn’t until I had my first daughter at 35 that I realized my schedule and my life was changing. I was not able to get to the gym as easily as I once had. I started with p90x and have since completed Insanity, Insanity Max 30, 21 day fix Extreme, 22 Minute Hard Corp., T25 and p90X3 and am a certified Piyo instructor. It was not until after having my second daughter that I truly learned to eat in balanced proportions with the help of the FIX container system. Though I learned about portion control many years ago I was and still am a grazer so these containers help. The reason I decided to do the Ultimate Reset and in my opinion is not a cleanse but a nutritional program was because I had just completed a 10 mile race and knew my body needed some down time. I was suffering from a nagging hamstring issue and knew this was the time to commit. I had seen others achieve great success. I also wanted to address some of my “grazing” and mindless munching habits as well as perhaps lose some of the winter “fluff”. This program is extremely challenging and also very eye opening. I don’t think I slept this well since before having kids! I am 4 days post reset now and already think I want to get the maintenance kit of supplements. The 21 day detox experience was a good one.

21 day detox
How has the support of a coach and this team helped you?

Having a supportive team and coach is invaluable. Having that person or people to reach out to especially doing an extreme program like Ultimate reset is vital. There are times you want to quit, your friends and coach do not let you give up! You have to remember why you decided to do it in the first place!

How important was nutrition for you to get results?

I think what “they” say about abs are made in the kitchen or you can’t out exercise a bad diet…all true…I have been trying to lose 7lbs for months …with exercise and eating “well” 85/15 and nothing changed…I did 21 days of super clean eating and minimal exercise and 7lbs almost fell off. Just by eating good real food. So I don’t think it is half the battle I think the food we eat is the battle! The 21 day detox was definitely something that I would do again.
I have been drinking Shakeology since May 2012.

Ultimate Reset Results
What would you say to someone that’s considering joining our challenge?

Joining a challenge is almost paramount to the success you will have. If you are surrounded by a motivated and motivating group of people you almost can’t fail. It is fun and being with like minded people is fun and so rewarding. It’s definitely one of those ultimate reset success stories. You can read other ultimate reset success stories too to see other results.

ultimate reset weight loss results

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