My Cellucor C4 and NO3 Chrome Pre-workout supplements review!

I’ve been using these 2 new supplements together as a supplement stack in my workouts over the last 2 weeks and I’ve had THE BEST workouts in months. I’ve increased the weight AND # of reps in every area. I’ve also had incredible PUMPs.

Arnold famously described the pump as ‘the greatest feeling you can get in the gym’—the sure signal that the body is growing, fast.

So what do these supplements do and would I recommend them? See below…


Cellucor is one of the hottest supplement companies for premium body-building supplements. They are science based, creating what they call are “Pre-cursor” supplements. They’ve won awards from and GNC as vendor of the year.

I first got exposure to Cellucor when I used their D4 supplement. Basically it’s thermogenic fat-burner that raises metabolism and gives energy. Both Kate and I used it and found it to be BETTER than OxyElite Pro. I could feel the affects of my metabolism increasing, the increased heat and energy.

Cellucor C4

So when Cellucor announced C4 (a pre-workout energy booster) as an alternative to Jack3d and countless others, I was very excited. They generated so much excitement, they had to delay the launch because of
so many pre-orders (mine included)!

What does it do?

The concept behind these workout energy boosters is 2-fold:

1) It helps on days when you’re lacking energy and need a boost

2) It helps you to  have a more intense workout, pushing yourself further and therefore creating better results.

One of the other things I really like about C4 is that it only has 100 mg of caffeine per scoop. I don’t particularly like caffeine and I don’t like how 1MR has 300 MG of caffeine! C4 gives energy with other ingredients besides caffeine.

Click photo for larger view

How well does it work?

Within 10 mins of taking it, I can FEEL the effects of this supplement. It creates a little bit of an itch or tingling in the skin which subsides once I start working out. I kinda think of it like like my alarm bell saying “Time to workout!”. While I think all energy boosters also have a bit of a mental affect (Since we know we’re taking this energy supplement, my workout MUST be better, right?), I can feel the boost with C4.

How does it taste?

So if you’ve used pre-workout energy boosters, you know that most of them taste like crap! Well, not C4! This one actually tastes VERY good. If you mix it with some cold water, it tastes almost like a sour fruit-punch. In fact, when my kids are around and I’m mixing it up, they say “mmm what is that Dad? I wan’t some!!”  [for the record, I have never given them even a taste, nor would I!]

Are there any side affects?

There are 2 side affects that I experience with C4:
1) I have a slight itch during the first 15-20 mins. It’s like a mild allergy but it clears up really quickly, as soon as I start working out.

2) I also found that if I have 2 scoops, I get indigestion (almost like an allergic reaction).

I felt awesome during the workout, didn’t have any “Crash” afterwards and have slept fine! Warning, I wouldn’t take this within 4 hours of going to bed. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may need even more time between this and bed.

What about the cost?

At $25 for x servings, I found the price to be very good. This isn’t a supplement that I would use every. I use it just for my resistance  training workouts, not really for cardio unless I didn’t get enough sleep that day. So by taking it only 3x a week, this will last a while.

Cellucor NO3 Chrome

While the original NO3 supplement has been around a little while, Cellucor just released the next generation of it, NO3 Chrome!

What is NO3? NO3 is Nitrate, an advanced compound that delivers unbelievable muscle pumps and amplifies the effectiveness of every ingredient in C4 Extreme. Cellucor is utilizing a new compound where NO3 has been fused to Creatine to create Creatine Nitrate; according to a UCLA study, Creatine Nitrate is 1000x more water soluble than either Creatine Monohydrate or other creatine derivatives. Unmatched water solubility ensures better absorption and absolutely none of the traditional side effects of Creatine supplementation.

What does it do?

NO3 Chrome is basically a Nitrous Oxide supplement that expands the  capillaries and increases blood flow to the muscles. This is great for several reasons:

1) The increase blood flow helps carry oxygen to the muscles, allowing them to operate better (think increased strength) AND remove lactic acid (think more reps less time in between sets).
2) Vascularity is often a look associated with someone who is fit or “ripped”. This will definitely expand your veins and give you that vascular look. Even though the supplement’s affects are temporary, I think the expanded blood flow causes body to increase the size of them too.
3) Muscle Pump – Every muscle sits inside of a sac and. In order for  the muscle to have room to grow new fibers, this sac needs to be expanded. By increasing the muscle pump, it really helps to expand the muscle sac, thus allowing room for more muscle fiber to grow.

How well does it work?

I can’t remember having a muscle pump quite like this in a while. Also, I’m seeing veins show up that I hadn’t seen before. Take a look at this photo of me doing some P90X shoulders/arms and you can see the veins starting to show in my shoulder. This is the first time I’ve seen those.

Click photo for larger view

Comparing this to other pre-workout NO supplements,  I’ve used NO Xplode and didn’t really notice any impact and stopped using it. I then used NO Bomb for a few months. With NO BOMB, it worked pretty well in the beginning but then the affects seemed to taper off. By the end, I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything at all.

With NO3 Chrome, I feel like the hulk when I’m lifting.  Will this last? Time will tell!

In my last workout, I increased all the weight and REPS in each set and by the end, I still wanted more but my forearms couldn’t hold on to any more weight!


How does it taste?

It’s just a capsule.. there is no taste! Sweet!

Are there any side affects?

If there are, I sure couldn’t tell. I felt awesome during the workout, didn’t have any “Crash” afterwards and have slept fine!


What about the cost?

At $50 for 30 servings, this is probably the only downside to this supplement. However, since I’m only taking it 3 a week (on lifting days), I can actually spread this out over 10 weeks so $20/month isn’t bad when looking at it that way!

The verdict:

I’ve used several other pre-workout supplements (1MR, NO Xplode, NO Bomb) and this is my favorite by-far. The energy boost, the muscle pump, the vascularity, the taste all rock! The lack of side effects makes it even better.

If C4 didn’t give me the itches and if the price on NO3 Chrome were less, then I’d give a 10 out of 10. Either way, this will be a part of my workouts for some time to come 🙂