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Just a few days after my post about Chalene Johnson’s new PIYO workout, it’s quickly become the buzz of the fitness world. Everyone is trying to learn as much as they can about the latest training formula from the Guinness World Record holder, and at the same time secure a copy as soon as it’s released! Well I’d like to share my PIYO Workout Review after doing the workout LIVE with Chalene!! I had the opportunity to work out to Chalene’s NEW PIYO WORKOUT at the beachbody leadership retreat in the FRONT ROW and it was awesome!

CHALENE JOHNSON has already changed my life with TURBOFIRE helping me to get to my lightest weight since HIGH SCHOOL!! I look better and feel better than I have in years, even after having 4 kids!

PiYo Workout ReviewRegardless if you’re just starting down the path to healthier lifestyle, or you are fitness guru PIYO is definitely the total package of workouts. Each and every exercise can be modified to your own personal level and needs. Where many home based workouts can be intimidating and difficult for newcomers, Chalene has made sure that PIYO is accessible to everyone at every fitness level. The workout is intense, but the fun factor that she brings to her instruction makes the time fly by. Like all of Chalene’s workouts, PIYO is set to some fantastic music! This time the soundtrack leans more towards rock and roll and pop songs, then the hip hop tracks we’ve all become used to.


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Oh my gosh! There is nothing LIKE PIYO… It’s a combination of yoga and pilates, but it’s fast like cardio. I had such a fun time and worked up an incredible sweat! One of my Star Diamond coaches Shannon was also there with me… check out the video below to see our reaction immediately afterwards:

PIYO Workout Review Video



Charlene has mentioned that these workouts are “designed for people who are looking for a workout that will burn calories, require something low impact, and have difficulty with pilates and yoga.“ She has gone above and beyond this simple concept and created something very extraordinary. The way she has combined all of these different workout styles with cardio will target the areas we all worry about, and provide you with the results you’re looking for. This is why I had to share this PiYo workout review with you! We may all have to wait until June to get the PiYo Workout in our homes but it is totally worth it!

PiYo Workout Review

This may be the latest workout series from Chalene Johnson, but it is also her best! Through the PIYO workout she has provided us with all the tools we need to define how we look and how we want to feel.

Piyo CHallenge Pack



If you already have Shakeology, and just want to purchase the PIYO Base kit (with just the PIYO workouts and nutrition plan):

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