See the video of our private workout with Tony at the bottom of this blog!


Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or have been practicing for years, by now,  you are familiar with the P90X Workout. Since its release in 2004, P90X is nothing short of a phenomenon and has permeated almost every facet of pop culture. From the infomercials we’ve all seen, to references in movies and television there are very few people out there who haven’t heard of the P90X system or it’s developer Tony Horton. I’m sure most of you have worked out with Tony Horton in your living room through your TV, or know someone who does.

For the past 10 years P90X has been one of, if not the most popular workouts in the world. Sure this popularity could be because of its Telly and Moxie award winning infomercials, but in fact it’s more based on the countless stories and great word of mouth promotion through the fitness community. Almost everyone who’s tried this system has a story… or knows someone who does.

We’ve all had our experiences with Tony and his P90X workouts, but what is he up to now? The short answer is… busy! In addition to his media engagements, personal appearances and keeping up with his fans Tony has done his best to give back wherever he can. Whether it’s flying to Japan to lead the troops in a P90X style workout, or returning to his hometown of Trumbull, CT to host a fundraiser at his former high school. Tony always brings his message with all the fun and excitement that we would expect, and now he’s ready to take everything we know about P90X to the next level! Tony’s new P90X3 workout has been released and is ready to reinvent the fitness world just like he did 10 years ago!

So what’s new in the P90X3 workout?

Now I know you’re thinking, “P90X3? Is this the next level in the P90X system?” Nothing could be further from the truth. P90X3 is an entirely new workout! Yes it is still geared to those of us who want to get in the best shape of our lives, but Tony has taken the time to make sure to reach every user’s fitness level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced this work out will do exactly what it promises. P90X3 is designed for people who don’t have the best coordination, don’t want to try and keep up with crazy fast paced music and just want to workout and get in the best shape possible in the shortest amount of time.

The format of the workouts are fantastic! Not only are they short (most are under 30 minutes), which makes fitting P90X3 into your busy day a breeze, Tony uses three people during every workout! Each person performs the workout at a different level, which provides you with a great way to gage your progress, and allows you to properly utilize the system at your fitness level! This along with Tony’s positivity and sense of humor makes the P90X3 as fun and groundbreaking as his past workouts.


P90X3 on a cruise? YES!!

Now I have something incredible to share with you. Imagine working out with Tony Horton LIVE on a cruise ship, doing the new P90X3 Workout!!

Take a close look and imagine what this FEELS like being on a cruise surrounded by fresh air, sunlight, and positive people supporting you while working out LIVE w/ Tony Horton, Shaun T and Autumn Calabrese!

We just got back from our FIRST CRUISE EVER… and this wasn’t any ordinary cruise, it was the most amazing cruise of our lives. WHY? The entire ship was filled with Beachbody coaches and the trainers!

Every morning we woke up to working out on the ship deck with Tony Horton and Shaun T!

EVERY workout was more intense because we were in a big group and no one wanted to stop and take a break. Plus, Tony would walk around throughout the workout! It was a pretty SURREAL experience!!

Well it got even better…. on the last day of the cruise, Tony saw us on the ship and took a quick picture (see below) and as he was walking away, he whispered to us “Be at the gym at 1:30, and don’t tell the whole ship.”.

We had no idea what we were in-store for but we showed up for a PRIVATE workout with Tony!! And it was just our team!

Video of private workout with Tony Horton:

Many of us felt like this was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of our *fitness journeys*. Working out live with Tony for an hour, in a PRIVATE Workout! It just felt amazing to be there, working out side by side with Tony… the man who changed our lives in such a profound way.

The workout was SOO INTENSE… and it was simply using stability balls, bosu balls, plyo boxes and 10-15 lb. dumbbells!!

It was certainly one of THE highlights of our trip!

Want to be there next time? You can be!

If this looks like fun and you’d like to go on vacations like this each year… watch this short video to find out how you can! If you’re positive, like to help people and like to have fun, then this is open to you! We’ll even train you!

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