P90X3 Results from our Fit for Life Challenge


Kate and I are headed out on our first ever CRUISE to the Cayman islands but I had to share this with you before we left. 

This is not just our first cruise, this is a cruise with Shaun T, Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese and 3000 other Beachbody coaches! We’ll be sure to get some awesome video & photos and share them here but in the meantime, the reason for this blog: 

This is one of the latest success stories from our Fit for Life Challenge. My friend John Heller just shared his amazing *60 day* p90x3 transformation and it is ONE OF THE BEST I’VE SEEN! In just 60 days he went from average to ABSOLUTELY RIPPED!!!


P90X3 Results John Heller Day 1-60 Front P90X3 Results John Back Day 60 x1200

Ever since I posted this on Facebook the other day, I’ve been getting a lot of questions so I’m going to share how he did this and answers to the most common questions.

Did he really only do P90X3 with 30 minute workouts a day?

YES, he only used P90X3 however there are 2 things that helped increase the results from his workout: #1 He works out with absolute intensity… when they are taking a break in the video, he’ll do high knees to keep burning calories.  #2 John also works a construction job with very demanding physical labor. He’s not sitting around all day.

What was his nutrition like?

You can see an example of his daily plan below. He ate about 2700 calories, including Shakeology.

P90X3 Meal plan example 2700 calories


What supplements did he use?

He only used Shakeology, NOTHING ELSE, not even whey protein or creatine. You can improve your nutrition and supercharge your results by adding Shakeology do your diet.

What did he do for post-workout recovery?

He typically eats dinner right after working out, and if he needs more protein he’ll have some eggs. His dinners are usually prepared in advance so he can start eating immediately following his workout.

What tips and advice can he share with me?

Get plugged into the Fit for Life Challenge group and be ACCOUNTABLE, check in each day and follow the nutrition plan provided in the Challenge. Don’t try going it alone… you’ll get to your goal much faster by getting some help.

Is P90X3 a 60 day program?

No, it’s a 90 day program but John’s results are so incredible, I had to share them now. I’m not sure how his results can get any better by the time day 90 arrives!

I have to say that seeing John’s p90x3 results just fires me up and motivates ME… I became a coach to help other people to change but when I see results like this, it just reaffirms to me why I love doing what I do.

What’s even cooler is that John and his wife Brittany became a coach on our team and we get to meet them tomorrow on the Beachbody Cruise!!! And all 4 of us earned this cruise for FREE — just for How cool is that?! Fitness brings us together, we transform our lives… and then help others do the same, and get rewarded for it.

If you’d like to be the next success story and get results like these, join our Fit for Life Challenge.

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