Want to conquer push-ups? Maybe you want to improve how many you can do… or maybe you just want to do your VERY FIRST ONE! Then you’ve come to the right place.

In P90X3, there are a lot of exercises that require upper body strength like push-ups, pull-ups, planks, etc. Many women struggle with being able to do full and regular push-ups.

In this video, we show you how to do a proper push-up AND how to build up your strength to be able to do even your first push-up. Both Kate & I demonstrate knee push-ups, planks, military push-ups and even plyo-push-ups 🙂 We recommend adding push-ups to your exercise routine 3x a week. If you’re unable to do even 1 regular push-up, we show you alternatives to strengthen your core and your upper body.


Is P90X3 for women?

Absolutely. In every P90X3 video, there are 1-2 female cast members doing the exercises. It is very do-able for women. If you’re not in really good shape, don’t worry because there’s someone in the videos demonstrating modified moves so you have something to start with, and can work your way up.  But I will go a step further and say that women NEED P90X3. Why? Millions of older women are suffering from osteoporosis, which is the weakening of the bones. Each year, hundreds of thousands of women fracture bones. This can be prevented if women did resistance training 3x per week. Fortunately, P90X3 gives you a balanced routine with resistance training.   So should women do p90x3? YES!



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