p90x supplements and results and recovery drink

The P90X supplements that I used during P90X to lose 36 lbs of fat in just over 6 months.

If you do not provide your body with what it needs, the workouts will cause unnecessary stress and it will not be able to regrow and rebuild the way it would like to.

I achieved amazing results because I combined intense exercise with the proper nutrition, the right supplements and the necessary rest. Without these supplements, don’t expect to achieve the same results as I did. It will take much longer and require more effort.

Many people say “I can’t afford this” but I ask you to seriously consider what you’re willing to give up for the next 90 days to totally change your body and potentially your life. Can you cut back on eating-out, alcohol or satellite TV  for 90 days? If you’re on coffee or energy drinks now, replace them with Shakeology! Think of what you’re willing to give up.

If you expect amazing results, it will require sacrifice and change.

Remember, you’re already doing the work (P90X, Insanity, TurboFire), why not maximize your results with the right supplements?


My 5 “Must have” P90X supplements


Shakeology – The fastest and healthiest way to transform your body is with Shakeology. If you can make the right sacrifices to pay for it, this is the best. This is the foundation of my nutrition plan and has really improved my overall health. I was skeptical of the price at first so I decided to try it out using the 30 day-money back guarantee. I’ve been on it every day since.  To me, it’s WORTH IT but you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

It’s basically a high quality meal replacement unlike anything else. It will help you lose that body fat and give you energy. Why? Because it contains 70 of the healthiest nutrients in the world. It improves your digestive system, removes toxins, lowers cholesterol, helps you to lose fat and improve energy levels, hair, nails and skin. I have this every day for breakfast. It comes out to $4/day but if you order Shakeology through this site, I’ll coach you for free.

Shakeology supplement

Whey Protein – This is vital for increasing protein levels (to be lean and fuel muscle recovery). There are many other great alternatives. This is one of the brands I use the most. I’ve actually switched to their “Natural” line, which removes the artificial sweeteners. CostCo also has Cytosport in a 6lb bag.

Recovery Drink – The new & improved P90X Results & Recovery drink is simply the best, especially now with the fructose and artificial sweeteners removed. It’s made of 4 parts healthy carb and 1 part healthy protein. This is essential to replenish the energy back to your muscles after an intense workout. It eliminates about 80% of soreness and gives you energy for the next day’s workout.  I suffered through my first week of P90X without it and have been taking it ever since. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes. Being a graduate of the program, I can tell you without a doubt that I will not do P90X without a recovery drink.

Order the P90X Recovery drink


P90X Results & Recovery Drink

Krill Oil – super concentrated Omega-3 fish oil to lower cholesterol. Also helps with memory & focus. Only available from Mercola.com
Krill Oil


P90X Energy and Endurance – need more energy in your workouts?  If you’re too tired to give it 100% effort, you won’t get the best results. This helps to burn more calories and fuel muscle performance. I take 15 minutes prior to my workout and it really wakes me up (good for morning workouts or evening). Best of all, it’s ALL natural – no weird ingredients or artificial flavors!

Beachbody E&E Energy and Endurance pre-workout p90x supplement


What about a Multi-vitamin? – I get my vitamins from Shakeology! Unlike synthetic multi-vitamins (the majority on the market), this is derived from whole foods that your body can actually absorb (instead of showing up in your urine!).


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