P90X 2400 Calorie Diet with Dairy

Almond Milk (Blue Diamond - Unsweetened Almond Breeze), 1 cup45114012501g
Egg White, 2 Large egg white34700011000g
Organic Free Range Large Grade A Brown Eggs, 2 egg140122943013000g
Baby Spinach, 1.5 cup 1/23035009803g
Shakeology, 1 scoop16017172115066g
Natural PB1274.75.310.7
Whole Wheat tortilla, low carb8081830300112g
Pace - Picante Salsa Medium, 4 tbsp20060050042g
Bread - Orowheat - 100% Whole Wheat (2 slices)1808362017025
Broccoli - Raw, 1.5 cup, chopped4549004423
Tuna (chunk light, Canned, In Water), 6 oz drained / 56 grams15030037554000
Greek Yogurt with fruit (Chobani)14014200
Broccoli, Steamed, Without Salt, 1 Cup3136003022
Brown rice, cooked, 1/2 cup1062.52310102
Chicken Breast., Skinless, 8 oz240470614411400g
Post Workout
Beachbody - P90x Recovery Drink - New & Improved Smooth Orange, 1 scoops (60G)1105200.51075130.5
Whey Protein - ON HydroWhey1403031519000
Whey Protein - ON HydroWhey1403031519000
Frozen Mixed berries (Kirkland - Costco)70117007.55.51.5
Raw Almonds, 12 nuts8032.570mg0mg0.51.5
TOTAL GRAMS:236.2230.860.26702819.54620.5
TOTAL CALORIES2409.8944.8923.2541.8
% OF Calories39.21%38.31%22.48%


  1. keiran

    Hi, this is pretty similar to my current diet. Am looking at starting P90X next week, is this a good diet to start with? or should I go for the 2100 calorie one? I’m looking to drop the fat but keep the muscle i’ve built up previously.

    You say ‘Protein Drink – Muscle Milk’ which are you using? something similiar to USN muscle anabolic?

  2. charlie_lapointe@yahoo.com

    I whey 145 to 150 lbs, height 5 11. I’d like to be up to 165 to 175. I just started p90x 3 days ago, but I don’t have the nutrition guide. What nutrition plan should i start with?

    • David

      At that weight, you need about 2400 to maintain your weight while doing p90x.. you might gain a little. I’d shoot for 2600. It will feel like a lot of food.. you might need a weight gainer shake to help. I like the Optimum Nutrition gainer. I had to hit 3600 to gain 1 lb a week.. that was at 177 lbs.. and I reached 188 within 13 weeks.

  3. Albert

    Hey david,

    I was just wondering if you could help me out a lil bit. I just finished doing p90x and i never followed the guide and skipped out on meals because I wanted to loose weight so bad that I would do anything. I was 180 pounds 5’3 now I’m 130 pounds and I have been doing Insanity and I’m almost done. I could see my four pack but I still have that fat around my stomach and I was wondering If I do p90x again which phase of the diet plan should I go with? I don’t want to loose weight anymore I just want to gain muscle and get rid of my last bit of belly fat.

    • David

      Albert: How old are you? 130 lbs is very low! P90X isn’t above starvation.. it’s about eating enough to fuel your intense workouts and to fuel your metabolism. I actually increased my calories every 30 days during p90x and continued losing body fat while gaining muscle. I’d be happy to coach you through another round of p90x and help you gain some lean muscle while continuing to drop body fat. We also have a great fitness & nutrition support group on Facebook that will help with motivation. Go ahead and join my team (see red button in the top right) – it’s free ! – and I’ll send you an email to get started.

      • Albert

        Oh I’m 18 years old. I added you as a friend on facebook too.

  4. Anthony

    I will start the P90X next week. I am 24 years old, I weigh about 215 lbs, and I’m about 5’7. I would like to get down to 180 lbs. I have the P90X DVDs but not the nutrition guide. Any advice?

    • David

      Anthony, I’d be happy to coach you through it. I’ve found that nutrition & supplements will make up 70% of your results. We also have a great fitness & nutrition support group on Facebook. Go ahead and join my team (see red button in the top right) – it’s free ! – and I’ll send you an email to get started.

  5. Jude

    Hello Folks, looking for a little help here. I’m 6’1″ at 265lbs. Been in the gym recently until injury put me out for two weeks. Looking to start P90X within the next week or so. I’ve done the Daily Caloric Intake calculations. I’ve come up with 2720 cal. This seems a little high. My goal is to lose the spare tire I have built over the past 6 years. What would be the ideal caloric intake to maximize fat loss in the first phase of this program?

  6. joseph

    Hey dave,I just started p90x 4 days ago and the diet plan is my biggest fear at this point. i just dont get it. Its really starting to get me down because i have a beach body coach and he doesnt help me at all. is this plan all you ate during a phase?

    • David

      Hey Joseph – You’re probably pretty sore right now 🙂 Just keep trying to make improvements to your nutrition, you don’t have to be perfect. I ate 2100 calories for my first 30 days of p90x, then went up to 2300 my 2nd 30 days and then up to 2400-2500 my last 30 days. This helped to prevent my body from plateauing.

      If you want help, you can coach Switch to me (takes about 24 hours) by sending an email to coachrelations@teambeachbody.com and ask to be Coach Switched to David Ingram, 70696. Make sure to email me as well so I know yhttps://symbioticfitness.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php?p=576&approved=1#comments-formou did it: david@SymbioticFitness.com

  7. Jeff

    Hi. I like how you got the results you did. I am in my first week of p90x and its rough. The hardest part is following the diet plan though. I am doing my best to eat right but i have a few questions. I am almost 23, i weigh 189 and i am 6ft tall. Do i need a recovery drink for after my workouts or just protein?. Also will you be willing to coach me?

    • David

      Hey Jeff,

      Yes the first few weeks are the toughest… just know that even I couldn’t complete the workouts. It was ugly but I just kept trying to improve each time. You’ll be very sore, just focus on drinking lots of water and continue moving.. if you sit too long, the soreness gets worse! So keep the blood flowing. I suffered through the first week without the recovery drink and have been on it ever since. About 20 mins after drinking that, I’ll have my whey protein. I’d be happy to coach you – I love coaching people and helping them change their lives. You can sign-up for a free membership at this link: https://symbioticfitness.com/join-our-team/ or you can buy the recovery drink through my link and I’ll be assigned as your coach. https://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/P90XRRFTub?referringRepId=153372



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