Today we’re going to look at theMarcy Steelbody Monster cage Review. If you’re ready to take your home gym to the next level, but you’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars, I think you’re going to be happy with what you see here.

The Monster Cage measures seven feet two inches tall, four feet wide and seven feet in depth. It doesn’t come with this bench but I wanted to show you the bench that is available. This is a matching bench. It’s also the also Steelbody brand, highly recommend it. Check out my review on that one later. The first thing that I noticed about the Monster Cage was just the quality construction. This thing is beautiful. It’s very thick, very strong. I recently went to a friend’s Crossfit gym. This steel is probably twice as thick as what I saw at the commercial gym. To have something nice in your home for such a great price was pretty impressive. In fact, this is comparable to a squat rack from Rogue Fitness that would cost you at least two grand, all the way up to four grand. And it only costs $799 retail is just amazing.

Marcy Steelbody Monster Cage Review

It also can hold quite a bit of weight on it. I’ve got about 340 pounds of plates here at my room to spare. You should have no problem storing your weights as well. Now what can you do with the Monster Cage? Of course, you can do squats. You can do bench press, shoulder press, with a bench of course. One of the things I like about this is it has the safety bars, super important when you’re lifting heavy weights. Now the other thing surprised me was it came with dipping bars. Now these dipping bars are really high quality. They’re probably twenty pounds each and they’re adjustable so you can put them at any height you want, but you can do dips on here which is great for working the chest and the triceps.

Now the only drawback that I found on the whole Monster Cage was I did start to shake a little bit when I was doing dips. You can see it from this angle, but again, from this angle it’s not as bad as it initially looked. Having the dip bars is awesome because I bought this other separate dip station. It cost $100 and it takes up extra space in my gym. Having it all together in the Monster Cage is just another bonus. You definitely get more from your money. You can also do pull-ups on the Monster Cage.Using this, you can do pull-ups in two different ways.This is the lower bar. This actually saved me because the ceilings in my basement are pretty low. I couldn’t install my normal pull-up bar which was mounted into the ceiling. I bought that separately for about $80. Having the Monster Cage be the height it is, it’s perfect because it’s just low enough to fit in our basement.

Power Cage
rogue squat rack alternative

Here’s another attachment that comes with the Monster Cage. It allows you have different grips on your pull-ups and chin-ups. This actually mounts on top of the Monster Cage but I don’t have enough room because of the low ceiling. With higher ceilings you could mount that and have other grips but like I said, in the meantime I can still do pull-ups with that lower bar.

In conclusion, the Monster Cage from Marcy Pro, the nicest piece of home gym equipment that I’ve ever had. I can’t believe the value that you get. The price for what you get with it, it really can’t be beat. In fact, it’s shocking how great the price it is. If you have the space in your home or in your basement or somewhere to put this and you’ve got enough ceiling height, I highly recommend the Monster Cage from Marcy Pro. While you’re at it, I would pick up the bench that matches this series. I’ve done reviews on their bench. You can take a look at this video and reviews of the bumper plates. You can take a look at those as well. You can also see a review of my home gym.

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