Beachbody Ultimate Reset results


I’m embarrassed to be sharing this before photo because it shows how much I let other things take priority over my time. But if I can inspire just one person to get back at it or get started then it’s worth it!!❤❤ When my skinny jeans were more like muffin top jeans I knew I needed an intervention. The things I always did weren’t working. I was working out hard, eating good and doing everything that should have worked. But it didn’t. Then a fellow coach told me they were doing the reset, something I had done once before and told myself I didn’t need to do it again. ? Little did I know just how much my body needed it! I had overworked my adrenals and my metabolism (hormones) were out of whack.

Our body is a miracle with the way it can adapt to what we eat and drink. We can use and abuse it and it still does everything it can to keep up…but it can only function like that for so long. Flushing the toxins allows your body to better absorb the nutrients from the foods we eat. It helps it fight infection. It allows your body to function at its best! And I know I like the way I’m feeling right now. If you’re interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset check out my Ultimate Reset Review. Also stay tuned for my top 10 tips to have a successful reset and my secret weapon that helped me stay on track!!

Detoxification of your body is a very good thing!

Ultimate Reset Success Story

beachbody ultimate reset results
ultimate reset success stories
ultimate reset transformation

I’m excited to share my ultimate reset success story. As you can see on the chart I provided below, you can really see the changes that has been happening from week one, progressing to week two and then the final week.

Ultimate Reset Transformation – My measurements

ultimate reset transformation
ultimate reset success stories

I included a chart for everyone to see what my ultimate reset transformation looks like on paper. Day 1, all the measurements are there, and you will see what’s been going on on day 7th, as well as day 14th and day 21st.

Also, on the second chart, you can really see the difference from day 1 and day 21. What do you guys think?

Kates Ultimate Reset Final Results.

I’ve had some messages asking me what I’m eating now so to answer that question:

EVERYTHING!! Or so I wish. ?

After doing the Ultimate Reset you have to slowly add foods back into your diet. I’ve been able to add unprocessed grains, like rice and quinoa back in without any problems. Last night I decided to try adding some beans to my rice. Well you know the song about beans, right? Lol!! It’s a slow process and you have to listen to how your body reacts to the foods you’re adding back in. I’m feeling great and realized that I’m able to make it through the day without my afternoon nap…or any sort of caffeine!!

Crazy to think a few weeks ago I was 11 pounds heavier, tired, I’m sure I had adrenal fatigue and using caffeine to get through my day!!

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