Kate’s TurboFire 1600 calorie diet-1

Large Eggs, 2 egg1401229430mg130mg0g0g
Eggs - Scrambled (Egg White), 2 Large egg white347000mg110mg0g0g
Fresh Express - Baby Spinach, 1.5 cup 1/2303500mg98mg0g3g
Whole Wheat Tortilla8081830mg300mg1g12g
Pace - Picante Salsa Medium, 4 tbsp200600mg500mg4g2g
Open Nature - Maple Brown Sugar With Pecans Oatmeal, 1 packet16043040mg75mg9g4g
Salad - Romain Lettuce313600mg30mg2g2g
Protein - Chicken Breast., Skinless, 6 oz18035.2504111980g0g
Avocado, sliced10015100mg170mg0g3g
Kirkland/Costco - Premium Extra Lean All-Natural Turkey Burger, 5.33 oz 1 patty200352685mg390mg0g0g
Broccoli - Raw, 1.5 cup, chopped454900mg44mg2g3g
Raw Almonds, 12 nuts8032.570mg0mg0.51.5
Fruit - Banana Medium, 1 Banana (100)g9111900mg1mg12g2g
Beachbody - Shakeology - Chocolate, 1 scoop (42 g)160171721mg150mg6g6g
Post workout
Beachbody - P90x Recovery Drink - New & Improved Smooth Orange, 1 scoops (60G)110520110mg75mg13g1g
Optimum Nutrtition (Sample Pack - Platinum Hydro Whey Protein Powder - Chocolate Peanut Butter, 1 packet14030315mg190mg0g0g
TOTAL GRAMS168.25144.547675mg2,644mg53g52g
TOTAL CALORIES1601673578423
% of Calories42.04%36.10%26.42%

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  1. Beki crosby

    I am now 210 pounds. I have just been diagnosed w lupus
    If there was a 7 day plan telling me exactly why to eat, I would love that. I uses to
    Be so fit and at my skinniest I was 145. I would love to be 155. I need help 🙁


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