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Below you’ll find my results with Insanity Asylum as I’ve now completed 30 and 60 days!  I can say now that this is one of the funnest workouts I’ve done. It’s like a cross between P90X and Insanity. I love the intensity and love the variety. It introduces new moves and new ways to challenge your body. The new “Back to Core” is amazing! I’ve never had such a burn in my back muscles before.

Feel free to leave a comment below or on Facebook – I’d be happy to answer any questions! After sharing my results, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what nutrition plan I followed. You can find that below!


Update: I’ve completed 60 days and have put together a video showing my Insanity Asylum Results:


Insanity Asylum Results – 30 Days:

Well, I just completed my first 30 days of Insanity Asylum and I’m very happy with the results. What makes this a little unique is that I am competing in a contest with my upline beachbody coach (Joel) from Xcellent Fitness and it’s our team vs. Team Ripped. Beachbody is sponsoring the competition and will be selecting the top 10 results from both teams and declaring a winning team. From what I hear, winners will be featured on Beachbody’s website and in the Insanity Asylum infomercials!  I’m very happy with my results!

Insanity Asylum Results - David Ingram

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I started at 182.5 lbs, 10.3% body fat

I finished at 177.5 lbs, 7.5% body fat (my lowest reading using the Johnson/Pollack 4 Method!!!)

Insanity Asylum Results - Day 1-30 Back - David Ingram x866

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UPDATE: Insanity Asylum Results – 60 Days:

After taking a break after the first 30 days of Asylum, I got back into it and did a second round of 30 days. This time, I followed the Asylum & P90X Hybrid schedule.  I followed the same nutrition plan for this 2nd round and i’m very happy with my results!

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David Ingram Insanity Asylum 60 day results

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NOTE: Please don’t expect similar results just by doing the workout program alone! Fueling your body with the right nutrition plan and supplements is key!

Shakeology – The fastest and healthiest way to transform your body is with Shakeology. This is the foundation of my nutrition plan and has really improved my overall health. I was skeptical of the price at first so I decided to try it out using the 30 day-money back guarantee. I’ve been on it every day since.  In fact, it’s now one of only 2 Beachbody supplements that I recommend. To me, it’s WORTH IT but you’ll have to decide that for yourself. It’s basically a high quality meal replacement unlike anything else. It will help you lose that body fat and give you energy. Why? Because it contains 70 of the healthiest nutrients in the world. It improves your digestive system, removes toxins, lowers cholesterol, helps you to lose fat and improve energy levels, hair, nails and skin. I have this every day for breakfast. It comes out to $4/day but if you order Shakeology from this site, I’ll coach you for free.


Check out my Insanity Asylum Nutrition plan and the modifications I made.

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Thanks for visiting! Make sure to sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody Account to get support and to gain access to free tools to help you with your health & fitness goals.