Almond Milk (Blue Diamond - Unsweetened Almond Breeze), 1 cup45114012501g
Egg White, 2 Large egg white34700011000g
Organic Free Range Large Grade A Brown Eggs, 2 egg140122943013000g
Baby Spinach, 1.5 cup 1/23035009803g
Shakeology, 1 scoop16017172115066g
Natural PB1274.75.310.7
Whole Wheat tortilla, low carb8081830300112g
Pace - Picante Salsa Medium, 4 tbsp20060050042g
Bread - Orowheat - 100% Whole Wheat (2 slices)1808362017025
Broccoli - Raw, 1.5 cup, chopped4549004423
Tuna (chunk light, Canned, In Water), 6 oz drained / 56 grams15030037554000
Greek Yogurt with fruit (Chobani)14014200
Broccoli, Steamed, Without Salt, 1 Cup3136003022
Brown rice, cooked, 1/2 cup1062.52310102
Chicken Breast., Skinless, 8 oz240470614411400g
Post Workout
Beachbody - P90x Recovery Drink - New & Improved Smooth Orange, 1 scoops (60G)1105200.51075130.5
Whey Protein - ON HydroWhey1403031519000
Whey Protein - ON HydroWhey1403031519000
Frozen Mixed berries (Kirkland - Costco)70117007.55.51.5
Raw Almonds, 12 nuts8032.570mg0mg0.51.5
TOTAL GRAMS:236.2230.860.26702819.54620.5
TOTAL CALORIES2409.8944.8923.2541.8
% OF Calories39.21%38.31%22.48%