Today I’m gonna show you how to keep apple slices from browning. I’m curious…how many of my friends buy pre-sliced apples for their kids lunch?

I use to. Heck I would pay whatever amount just to get my kids to eat something healthy. I’d usually have to buy 2 packs because two of them like apples with the peel and one likes them without.

At $4-$5 a bag I was spending WAY too much on apples each week. Eating healthy can be expensive BUT it doesn’t have to be!!

What if I could show you how to send sliced apples in your kids lunch without them turning brown? And it’s not lemon juice or soda (there’s already enough sugar in them…why add more?)

I’ve been saving myself $$ every month with this one little trick I learned…and it works whether they like the peel on or off (nope, not the rubber band trick!)

I hope this tip on how to keep apple slices from browning helps!


Do you buy the pre cut apple slices? Watch this for a cheaper way to send cut apples in your kids lunch without going brown or the sour lemon taste!!

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