I’m often asked for healthy snack ideas from people who are traveling or on the go. I travel a lot for work and I’ve mastered how to be healthy while traveling. Some people don’t have access to a refrigerator so most of these items are non-perishable.

The most important thing to do before traveling is to plan ahead! How many days will you be traveling and how many meals will you be covering with snacks? Will you have access to good restaurants? I typically pack almonds, protein bars, jerky and some fruit in my carry-on luggage. I’ll then pack whey protein & Shakeology with a shaker cup in my checked-luggage.  I’ll also carry healthy snacks in my bag to school. You never know when you’re going to need a good healthy snack while on the go.

I’ve organized the foods by type (Protein, Carb, Healthy Fat) below:

ProteinHealthy Snacks

Beef/Turkey Jerky
Protein bars (Pure Protein brand)
Shakeology (with Shaker-cup)
Tuna (in easy-tear pouch)
Greek Yogurt (stays fine almost all day with fridge)
Whey protein drinks (with Shaker-cup)



Pita ChipsHealthy Snacks - blueberries and almonds
Instant Oatmeal (if you can make water hot, you can poor it into the pouch)
“Cliff” bars (they are organic) (careful about carbs)
Whole wheat crackers
Raisins (careful about eating too much – they are high in fructose)
Rice Cakes
Granola* (careful about eating too much – it can be high in calories)
*NOT Granola bars, just granola cereal, low in sugar

Healthy Fats



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