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Posted by David Ingram on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I’ve got 30 days until a cruise and I’m going to experiment with how shredded I can get, while still eating pizza & ice-cream every day. Before you freak out, I’ll still be eating 95% clean eating as you’ll see in my example 2100 calorie flexible dieting meal plan below.


Get Shredded Bodybeast Hybrid with Insanity Max 30 & T25

Here’s the Hybrid workout schedule I’ll be following:


Flexible Dieting with Bodybeast to get Lean

Along with the Bodybeast hybrid schedule, I’ll be following an aggressive 2100 calorie carb cycling meal plan that includes flexible dieting. I’ll be eating Thin Crust pizza on my low carb days and Bluebunny Frozen Yogurt on my high carb days!  I’ve always followed Clean Eating and have had great results, but now I want to test flexible dieting.


I’ll be following this low carb meal plan for 3 days in a row, followed by 1 day of high carb:


Get Shredded Hybrid - Flexible Dieting Meal Plan - Low Carb 3x


Here’s the high carb meal plan I’ll be following for 1 day, then followed by low carb for 3 days in a row:

Get Shredded Hybrid - Flexible Dieting Meal Plan - High Carb 1x


What kind of results will I have? Check back to find out! Here’s my Day 1 photo:


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