People always ask me what healthy foods they can eat, and what types of foods we eat in our family. I know that when you’re eating healthy, it can be expensive… A lot of people think that to eat healthy you can only shop in smaller health food grocery stores, and tend to avoid places like Costco. Well I’m here to change your thinking! I’m going to share some of our favorite foods and snacks that we eat, AND how we save money buying in bulk at Costco.

One of my most popular videos was a Costco shopping video I did 3 years ago… and Costco is always changing what they carry, so here is an update on what we’re buying today!

These are healthy whole foods that can be found at every Costco, no matter where you are, and will help boost your metabolism and they fit with most programs such as P90X3, T25, Turbo Fire, PIYO, 21 Day Fix.