These are the nutritional guidelines David followed during his round 1 P90X Transformation to burn 37 lbs of fat and build 9 lbs of muscle in a little over 6 months. Kate followed these guidelines to break through a plateau and lose 13 lbs in 12 weeks.

For each guideline, we included a brief explanation WHY it is important

6 Foods to eliminate from your diet. These are essential for dropping your body fat.

  1. Avoid white, enriched/beached flour (spikes blood sugar, causes  insulin release and  blocks fat loss)
  2. Avoid simple carbs (same reasons as above)
  3. Avoid refined sugars (such as HFCS same as above, they screw up hormones)
  4. Avoid trans-fat (such as partially hydrogenated oils, they screw up hormones)
  5. Avoid Sodium Nitrate and nitrite [found in hot dogs, sausage, lunch-meat] (screw up your weight-loss hormones)
  6. Avoid SODA! And this includes Diet Soda! (At most, you may have it once per week).

Other Top 10 changes to make to your nutrition plan:

  1. For losing fat, follow a Protein/carb/fat ratio of 40%/40%/20% (ideal for your body to lose weight)
  2. Eat Whole foods (your body processes these the best)
  3. Eat Complex Carbs that are low on Glycemic Index (keeps blood sugar low)
  4. Eat 4-5 smaller, evenly spaced meals a day, (prevents severe hunger and overeating) (2-3 meals works fine too)
  5. Eat Fats from healthy sources (olives, nuts, and avocados, salmon)
  6. Eat Veggies 2x a day minimum (especially fibrous for fiber)
  7. Eat Fruit 1-2x a day maximum (no more because of sugar content)
  8. Eat Lots of fiber (to help digestive system and fat loss) such as oatmeal, whole wheat, veggies
  9. Drink 12-14 cups of water a day (hydrates ALL metabolic processes in your body, flushes liver where fat is broken down, and flushes toxins)
  10. Eat on a schedule (helps body to regulate hunger hormones)

Pay special attention to post work our nutrition!

  1. Drink liquid carbs (Recovery drink) and whey protein immediately after workout (for maximum muscle absorption. Fuels muscle recovery, gives you energy for next day’s workout and increases muscle growth).

These next 3 technically aren’t nutrition but they are so important to your nutrition plan

  1. Take Fish oil, I use Krill oil (lowers cholesterol, helps with fat loss)
  2. Take a Multi vitamin – I recommend a whole food one (aids MANY metabolic processes) or drink Shakeology to get your vitamins
  3. Get enough  sleep to regulate appetite (this will help prevent cravings and binge eating’ and under eating)

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!