It’s incredible how much my life has changed…

? I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for him…?

?Growing up, I never felt like I had coaches that believed in me; and so I thought I wasn’t a good athlete…

?I ENJOYED doing physical activity, but never had a clue what I was truly capable of until much later in life…

Around 30 years old, I found myself as a father of 3, stressed out, working non-stop and not happy with the direction my life was going. Even though I had NO TIME, I wanted to change.

I discovered P90X through a coach who was courageous enough to share his transformation & story of embarrassment on the internet.

After years of trying to figure it out on my own at the gym, I sucked up my ego and tried P90X. I FINALLY had the tools I needed to transform my body: an awesome workout with an amazing trainer, a meal plan, and a coach supporting me. Tony became my trainer, and showed me the way… step by step. My coach helped me stay on track and helped me with my meal plan.

Little by little, I started to change…. and while I was still skeptical I’d EVER see my abs, I pushed forward. Around month 5, I seriously almost quit. I only had 30 days left in that round of p90x and I looked in the mirror and said “I’ll NEVER look like those people in the before & after photos”…. but I decided to put my faith in the program, and I stuck with it.

BOY am I GLAD I DID because around Month 6, for the first time in my life, I saw my abs and I felt EXCITED that I could actually change my body. I started to BELIEVE….

People started noticing the changes and telling me I INSPIRED THEM. ME??? That was NEW for me! The guy who was a computer geek and total introvert, now inspiring others!?

People started coming to me asking for help, asking me what to eat… and I LOVED HELPING THEM!!!

Tony is a great trainer…but when I finally got to meet him in person, and THANK HIM for changing my life… I got to see his true character. This is a man that cares about people. He truly does. I’ve now got to workout with him live on many occasions and I see the same thing every time…he sticks around and spends a LOT of time encouraging others, hearing their stories, and making them feel good.

Making them BELIEVE they can improve their lives.

So instead of going back to the gym, I kept going at HOME. I never thought I’d like working out at home but I fell in love with the RESULTS, Saving time and connecting with the Beachbody community ONLINE. Here I am, 5 years later and I cannot even begin to describe how much my life has changed. Anyone who has just started following me would not even believe what my life used to be like. The feelings I have now… the confidence, the hope, the excitement, the energy, the friendships, the love…the BELIEF. I want EVERYONE to feel this way.

And now, the creator of the most popular fitness program of all time, (P90X), has a NEW program out… designed for busy people who need a short & effective workout and a simple meal plan. One designed to help you get lean. Maybe this is your opportunity to really change YOUR life. To really COMMIT and give it your all.

To be totally open, I was skeptical at first… only 22 minutes a day?! I didn’t think it would be enough for me… but I was wrong. Shame on me for doubting this new program.

After using it for the last 2 weeks, I *ABSOLUTELY* LOVE IT! It’s a MASTERPIECE and it’s going to change a lot of lives. People who were just like me… on Day 1…Lost, stressed, and just wanting to CHANGE.

It’s time for a new chapter in fitness, it’s time for the great master to show us a new path forward!

THANK YOU TONY for everything you’ve given to us… and to me. ?

You made me BELIEVE it was possible for ME….and it turns out, IT WAS!

?I’m EXCITED to see the lives that will change with this new program and I’m FIRED UP to pay it forward and help them do it.?


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