21 Day Fix Results

You might be looking for some 21 day fix mens results or just wondering if 21 day fix works for men? Well CJ is here to prove that it works amazingly well for guys too!

He’s been absolutely crushing his weight loss goals, even though he’s a busy Asst. Principal and is raising 4 kids (1 was born while he was doing this program!)

Does CJ just have amazing will power or is it because this program gives you simple portion control (while eating real food) and 30 min workouts? It’s probably a combination of both.

You have to be ready to change and willing to commit to your goals. Once you have that, add in an awesome program like the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology and you’re golden!

I’m honored to have someone like CJ in my Challenge Groups and on our team. He reminds me why I love coaching!


What program/s did you do?

I have exclusively done the 21 Day Fix program. Any other physical activity is just stuff I do in the course of my church/work/leisure activities. I have now been doing this for 12 weeks.

What results did you see? How many inches did you lose?

I started my program, in February, at a weight of 212 lbs. My most recent weigh-in had me at about 181, for a total weight loss of 31 lbs! (so far) Up to this point, I have lost 22 inches!

How has your life changed from this program?

Just before I made the decision to commit to the 21 Day Fix program, I had seen a picture of me and my kids on the couch opening Christmas presents. I wasn’t a big fan of what I looked like. Due to changing jobs at the beginning of the school year, and my wife being about 7-8 months pregnant, I knew I had been gaining weight, but hadn’t quite gained the right perspective. I was just gaining right along with her! I finally decided I needed to do something right then and there, and stop waiting for a “convenient time” to make the right changes.

Now, 12 weeks later, I’ve got a totally changed mindset. I know I can accomplish things that I put my mind to. I have seen the results of prioritizing. I’m done making excuses. When I slip up or make a mistake, I don’t get whiny and justify; I just own it and do better the next time. My kids have consistently seen a dedication to exercise and better eating. The sugary cereal is gone and the whole wheat stuff is in. AND, I’m inspiring others to make changes as well. Some of my coworkers and family have been struggling to make the changes they want to or stick with programs they’ve begun. My success, advice, experiences, and encouragement are already helping other people recommit to themselves.

21 day fix results
21 day fix review
How has the support of a coach and this team helped you?

The support of my coach David has been awesome all along the way. He’s really been helping me and answering questions for me for 3+ years! Long before I ever made a purchase. He kept checking in on me, sending helpful little tips and videos, and waiting until I was ready. His help and guidance has been invaluable and I am sure to continue to lean on his expertise as I begin to explore coaching for myself.

How important was nutrition for you to get results? How do you like Shakeology? 

Nutrition has been the most important part of my transformation. I’ve always been pretty active. I played every sport known to man growing up. I was a college athlete in soccer. I’ve run 2 marathons and about 6 half-marathons. Exercise has never been my stumbling block. My big belly and appetite is what did me in. When I got on board and committed to the 21 Day Fix style of a nutrition plan, along with the exercises, that’s when the changes happened, and fast! Like Autumn says, I was ruining all of my hard work in the kitchen. Well, not any more!

And I absolutely love Shakeology. I have the chocolate every morning. If I run out before my next shipment comes in, I miss it for real. The 21 day fix meal plan could really help you if you take it seriously. I’m just as addicted to Shakeology as I was to Mountain Dew and Coke. But the differences between those products don’t really need to be stated here 🙂 This 21 day fix results would amaze you if you’d stick to it.

This is a 21 day fix meal plan sample:

21 day fix meal plan
What would you say to someone that’s considering joining a challenge?

Make the decision to commit and stick with it. I’ve heard that it takes about a month to create a new habit and break an old one. Don’t be discouraged if it’s hard at first or if you feel like giving up. That literally happens to everyone who’s ever tried to make this kind of a change.

Also, don’t do this alone. Do it with another person. Or join a group online. Or keep a blog. Do something that keeps you accountable to others. For whatever reason, we’re quicker to quit on ourselves, but not really on others. Do some reading too. Check out some 21 day fix reviews online and see the results. It varies from each body type. But maybe when you see the 21 day fix mens results like I did, you would want to try it yourself.

21 day fix mens results

After you finish the 21 Day Fix, you can graduate to the Extreme edition. Check out David & Kate’s 21 day fix extreme results.

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