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I’ve been working with Bryan now for a few years and I gotta say, his transformation is one of the most inspirational. Using Beachbody workouts and Shakeology, and being in our Challenge groups, he’s lost over 70 lbs. Being the busy father that he is, traveling for work… and then sustaining an injury caused a few set backs and he put a little weight back on. Even After recommitting to his workouts, the weight wasn’t coming off. That’s when he knew it was time to totally change his eating. I have to say I was surprised when Bryan said he was doing the Ultimate Reset. Being such an active guy, it’s tough to not workout for 21 days. But I’m SO impressed with his commitment and the RESULTS he had. 18 lbs in 3 weeks? without working out? INSANE!!!

I’m honored to have a guy like Bryan on my team. Check out his story & results below!


What program did you do? 

Ultimate Reset

What results did you see? How many inches did you lose?

18 lbs for the Ultimate Reset last month – 70 lbs since 2014, started at 235 and Waist went from 36 to 32 inches – During the 3 week program.

How has your life changed from this program?

I used to have a hard time walking around with my family or running after my kids. I couldn’t play soccer with my daughter in the backyard without getting winded. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol (I was on medication for both), plantar faciaitis and sleep apnea.

Beachbody helped me get past all of that by the summer of 2015.

Then I was injured running in October of 2015 and had started to eat more carbs as I was preparing to run my first marathon. I ran the marathon, but had a bought of slight depression from the injury and continued to eat more than I should have. I never stopped exercising, but with Christmas, New Years, traveling for work and a lapse in judgement I started to snack more and track my foods less. In March I found myself 25 lbs heavier and one day I even hit 30 lbs heavier. This was a slap in the face as I had lost 70 lbs and did not plan to gain any of that back. I knew that something had to change. I worked with David in a Challenge group for 22 Minute Hard Core and really started to build my stamina back up, but I was not losing the weight. I could not believe that the weight was not coming off even though I was exercising vigourously everyday.

Then I saw Carl’s video about the Ultimate Reset. I never intended to do the Ultimate Reset, because I have never been a vegetable eater. Even after my initial transition, I only ate the same vegetables everyday, a frozen steamer bag from my local grocery store with carrots, water chestnuts, snap peas and broccoli. That was all of the vegetables I ate. So considering the Ultimate Reset was way out of my comfort zone. I worked with my wife and she helped me prepare all of my foods on a daily basis. I made a deal with her, you cook it and I will eat it.

During the 3 weeks of the Ultimate Reset, I lost 18 lbs, 3 inches around my waist and my average resting heart rate went from the mid 70’s bpm to 58-59 bpm. I feel so much better and the best part about it, is I now have a new appreciation for food.

Bryan's Ultimate Reset Results in 21 days
How has the support of a coach and this team helped you?

David and Kate Ingram and this team have been awesome and I could not have accomplished any of this without them. Whenever I had a question about the Ultimate Reset I knew an answer was as close as our team Facebook groups. Many people from the team had completed the Ultimate Reset and they were there to support me and the others on the program.

After several days into the Ultimate Reset, I too was able to support and answer questions for other people on our team that were just starting out. We have a real community of people who want to help other people succeed. The business world teaches you that the only reason to help someone else is for you to get profit out of it. That is not true with Beachbody. Coaches helping other coaches do not do it for profit. They do it because they care and they want to help others through their own experiences.

How important was nutrition for you to get results?

Nutrition is key when you want to lose weight, keep it off and get healthy. I have always known that, but this most recent experience has proved that to me beyond a doubt. I was exercising just as hard as I had the first time when I lost 70 lbs, but the results were different. The only thing that changed on my end was that my nutrition was not on point.

Shakeology has been a crucial part of my diet everyday. It is a delicious way to get all the nutrients that I need and may be missing in my diet daily. Even during the Ultimate Reset (21 day detox), I had a half scoop of Vegan Tropical Shakeology daily for a snack. I learned that trick by reading David Ingram’s Ultimate Reset 21 day detox blog posts.

Bryan Ultimate Reset Results
What would you say to someone that’s considering joining our challenge?

Losing weight and getting healthy is hard. There is no reason to do it alone. With Beachbody and team Symbiotic you will have all of the support you need. Often times in our family lives there is limited support and the knowledge is lacking. If you want to talk to someone who has lost 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 70 or 150 lbs, they are only a Facebook post or an instant message away. Many times I had a question or was struggling with something and posted the question to have multiple answers in minutes.

Our challenge groups keep you motivated and ready to push play. You want to follow along with other’s success and you also want to share your success with the other people in your group. They will always have great things to say that will keep you motivated. This is definitely one of the ultimate reset success stories. You can check out other ultimate reset success stories for reference too and I just got to say I am happy with the Ultimate Reset results that I got.

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Bryan 21 day detox

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