Body Beast Week 7 Review for Women

This is the Body Beast Week 7 Review for Women. So my Body Beast workouts this week were a little different. I was able to get my chest workout in on Monday but Tuesday I had no time. I didn’t mean to take this as a rest day but it got away from me.  

Getting everything ready to leave for our annual Beachbody Leadership Retreat in San Diego while making sure my mom has everything she needs to watch my kids was CRAZY! I pretty much packed everything but the kitchen sink because I didn’t leave much time to chose what I was going to wear. Annnnnnnnd I may have taken 11 pairs of shoes even though we’re only gone 5 days. HAHAHA!!

One thing I realized this week is that working out at a hotel gym with other people there is a negative and a positive. Negatives: having to wait for the weights I needed. Needing my pull up assist and a pull up bar for the back workout. Positives: pushing myself to do heavier weights than I had previously done because they didn’t have the middle weights. GO ME! 🙂

I also added in a few more cardio workouts than I was doing previous weeks since we were able to try a LIVE workout with Autumn Calabrese and the new Core De Force workout with Joel and Jericho and I wasn’t about to miss out on that opportunity.

I’m seeing muscles popping out and getting excited!! Just gotta get through these 90 days of Body Beast and then I can start working on losing the weight…then the muscles will look REALLY good.  🙂

Here are my continued measurements with the Body Beast program since the beginning:



Started my week off right! Bulk chest ✅! Wake up early and get it in before your body knows what it's doing! 😂

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Monday, 17 October 2016

Rest Day:

Heading out to San Diego for our annual Beachbody Leadership Retreat! We may have to sneak in some beach time...I'm kinda missing it! 󾁇 󾁇

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I couldn’t skip another day so David and I went to the gym and I busted out my Leg workout. The gym was pretty much empty so I was able to get it done pretty fast and then enjoy a nice burger and salad! YUMMY!!

Leg day burgeBody Beast Review Week 7


Nothing like a crazy camera angle to show you that I did my back workout. 🙂 I had to improvise a bit with my camera and the angle because the gym was pretty packed. I didn’t have the pull up assist so I used one of the cable machines to do some lat pull downs. Kind of cool that I can improvise and take my workout with me anywhere.


Oh and I just HAD to share the beautiful view that I had from the gym windows/doors. I SO love palm trees and green grass!!


Well I didn’t end up doing the “arms” workout. Instead I did a LIVE Country Heat workout and a LIVE Core De Force workout!! WOW did I work up a sweat!!

After LIVE country heat and Core De Force workouts I'm already over 7,000 steps. 😱😱and I've only been awake for 3 hours!! I'll take it!!

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Friday, 21 October 2016



My morning started with another LIVE Core De Force workout!! LOOOOOOOOOOVED it!! Excited to get home and add those workouts as my cardio days. 🙂

Here’s a peek into what a LIVE Core De Force workout. 🙂

Here's a few minutes of our LIVE Core De Force workout!! Heading to the gym to do my shoulder workout now.

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Saturday, 22 October 2016

No video of my shoulder workout…you’re sad…I know. Hahaha!

SIDE NOTE: I’m altering the schedule (normally Chest, Legs, Back, Arms and Abs, shoulders then rest day) to what works for having Sunday’s as my rest day every week.

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Cardio day
Thursday: Back
Friday: Arms and abs (was too exhausted this week after the 2 workouts and the Beach competition…but my team won first place and a surf board!!



Saturday: Shoulders and a 2nd cardio day
Sunday: Rest Day

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