Body Beast Week 6 Review For Women

Wellllllllllllll, I hit my first really unproductive week with Body Beast and my nutrition. This is the Body Beast Week 6 Review for Women.

My kids were off of school this whole week for fall break which had me reverting back to old habits. I stopped tracking my calorie intake (which really stinks because now I need to track another week eating at the 1900 calories/day mark) and I ate out a 3-4 times.

While that doesn’t sound like it should make that big of a difference it does. Have you ever looked at the sodium content in the food that you get from fast food and restaurants? It’s SO INCREDIBLY high which takes my body a few days to flush out. Then do that multiple times in a week (especially when your body isn’t use to having to do that) and it’s “retaining water and bloat city” for me. Lol!

I also had to take an extra day off because I woke up with a crazy headache. Coincidence? I think not. I did make up that workout on Saturday by doing both Body Beast Bulk Arms and Abs and Bulk Shoulders. I did arms in the morning, let the muscles rest and then crushed my shoulder workout that night.

I’m not gonna let these setbacks get me down though. I can chose to live in the past and what I should have or could have done but instead I’m looking forward to week 7 and getting back on track 100%.


Since this is week 2 I felt like I knew what to expect a little more. It made it easier to chose what weights to use and the moves that I’d be doing.  I had a little cheerleader that decided to join me today. 🙂

I love working out with this little girl!! Sometimes she just dances around or jumps off the bench but today she was trying to do the decline push-ups with me. ❤️❤️

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Monday, 10 October 2016

Bulk Legs

Hahaha!! Laid down after my leg workout and my sweat looks like a skull. That about sums up that workout. 󾌴󾌩 #BodyBeast #Legday #BulkLegs #FitAfter4 #worthit

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Bulk Back

Bulk back done!! Had to push myself to do it this morning. It's cloudy and overcast and I wanted to stay in bed. But I did it anyway. I'm always glad I workout afterwards but some days I fight myself to get started.

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Woke up with a crazy headache and decided to take a rest day. I went to bed early with that same headache. Bleh! Why do I eat crap that makes me feel sick?!

Ugh!! A couple times eating out this week and look what happens!! I guess I needed the reminder why I don't eat out very...

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Saturday, 15 October 2016

Cardio Day

Was able to workout with my hubby this morning so we did some 22 Minute Hard Corps I had planned to get my weights workout in later that day but didn’t get around to it.

Got a nice cardio workout in with my hunny!! 22min hard corps cardio 1. Quick, fun and a good sweat. Beast arms and abs will be done later. Happy Friday!!!

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Friday, 14 October 2016

Bulk Arms and Abs

Bulk Shoulders

All I can say is…it’s done. 🙂 Two weight lifting workouts in one day will challenge your body. I’m 100% positive that I’m gonna be feeling these workouts soon.

SIDE NOTE: I’m altering the schedule (normally Chest, Legs, Back, Arms and Abs, shoulders then rest day) to what works for having Sunday’s as my rest day every week.

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Cardio day
Thursday: Back
Friday: Arms and abs
Saturday: Shoulders and a 2nd cardio day
Sunday: Rest Day

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This is the Body Beast Week 6 Review for Women. You can also check out other Body Beast reviews on this site for more information.

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