Body Beast Week 5 Review For Women

Um, what the heck was that? Just when I thought I had it all under control Body Beast has to throw in there week 5 (and it looks like there are more weeks to come after this one)! YIKES!!

For the first workout in week 5 (Bulk Chest) of the Body Beast program, I pulled out my tracker sheet from week 4 to decide how much weight I should start with. I always try to challenge myself each week but I quickly learned that the Bulk workouts are harder than the Build workouts…in their own way.

I was really starting to get the hang of the Body Beast BUILD phase workouts and was increasing my weights pretty much every week. This week? They go and throw in progressive set training.

If you don’t know what progressive sets are it’s where you do a low weight with higher reps (ie: 5 pounds for 15 reps), a heavier weight with a little less reps (ie: 10 pounds for 12 reps) and then heavy weights with low reps (ie: 15 pounds for 8 reps) with little to NO REST inbetween. Then you rest for a minute to a 1 ½ minutes and do the same but in reverse (8 reps high weights, 12 reps a little less weight and then 15 reps with low weights).

These progressive sets with changing weight amounts and reps along with less resting periods will work the muscles even more and are a challenge. I’ll be honest I felt pretty weak at times but I’m not giving up. I will get through these next few weeks and then it’ll be a new phase in the program.


Here are my continued measurements with the Body Beast program since the beginning:

As far as my nutrition I’ve decided to eat as close to Paleo as I can. With David being diagnosed with early Hashimoto’s disease the best thing he can do is cut out grains, dairy and all processed foods. I’ve made the Pumpkin Pancakes and was pleasantly surprised when I ate them. Kind of felt like I was cheating until I looked at how much protein was in them. As a bonus, my kids even ate them!! SCORE! 🙂

Excited to continue this journey!


First off I decided to start this day off with a SNEAK PEEK of the new Beachbody program, Core De Force and I have to say it did not disappoint!! I had a sweaty good time!

It was a very late night workout for my chest workout and I didn’t take any photos or videos (really? I’m always taking them so not sure what happened lol!)

Bulk Legs

Please tell me I'm not the only one that has worn her workout clothes 2 days in a row. 😂😂 Core de Force yesterday morning, Body Beast-chest at 10pm last night and Body Beast legs this morning---3 workouts in 24 hours doesn't leave much time for a shower. 😁 My hamstrings are on FI-YAH!!! 8 reps with 30's for my max weight and reps! I'm gonna be feeling that one tomorrow!! These bulk workouts are NO JOKE!! Just when I thought I was rocking it out BAM--bulk legs happened. Nothing like a piece of humble pie. 😜 #sagiisgonnakillme #legday #ouch #ihavetowalkuphowmanystairs?! #imayneedastretcher 😂 #Bodybeast #fitmom Kate Ingram - Fit after 4

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Bulk Back

Doing Bulk back after Leg day is CRAZY HARD because I go so heavy with my legs and holding those weights uses a lot of your back muscles. I decided to do a cardio day in between these two to split it up a bit and let my muscles rest before I obliterate them again. 🙂


Look what I can finally wear now that it’s getting colder! YAY!!!

Bulk Arms and Abs

UGH! My arms and abs are SO the weakest parts of my body. I’m trying to like doing this workout but I really just have to push myself through it. This is one where I feel like the timer must be moving slower than real life. BUT You don’t improve what you don’t challenge. Gotta work it if I want to see improvements.

Bulk Shoulders

All I can say is…it’s done. 🙂 And I’m glad I had some eye candy to look at while working out.

THIS is why I like to workout with him. There's something so sexy about a man lifting weights. 󾌧󾌧 #myman #hottie #thatbuttthough #lovehim #keepingitreal #workit

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Saturday, 8 October 2016

SIDE NOTE: I’m altering the schedule (normally Chest, Legs, Back, Arms and Abs, shoulders then rest day) to what works for having Sunday’s as my rest day every week.


Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Cardio day
Thursday: Back
Friday: Arms and abs
Saturday: Shoulders and a 2nd cardio day
Sunday: Rest Day

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