Body Beast Week 4 Review for Women

30 Day Body Beast Women’s Results and Photos and Ladies this is the Body Beast Week 4 Review for Women.


So why was I so bummed after seeing them?

I guess I expected more. I thought I’d see more changes. I was secretly hoping I’d see more changes in the pictures since it wasn’t happening on the scale.

And when I didn’t I pouted…for about 5 mins. Until I remembered that while weight loss would be TOTALLY welcomed it wasn’t WHY I decided to start the weightlifting workout routine, Body Beast.

I had slipped back into the mentality of needing to see the scale go down to determine if I was having success. I’ll admit, I forgot my main goal and purpose…to increase my calories over a period of time without significant weight gain so that I could increase my metabolism. Sounds crazy but lifting weights while increasing your calories is the best way to break a plateau! I was pretty certain I’d gain a few pounds (which I initially did as you can see in my weekly measurements check in).

So I have to share what DID change…because there ARE CHANGES…may not be on the scale or in the pics (I can see a few very little changes) BUT they are there!!

  • Before Body Beast I was eating 1300-1600 calories per day
  • Week 1 and 2 I increased it to 1700 calories per day
  • Week 3 and 4 I increased it again to 1800 calories per day

That’s an increase of 200-500 calories per day!! AND with very Minimal weight gain (.6 pounds to be exact) AND to be completely fair I’m on my period right now which usually results in a 2 pound weight gain…which hasn’t happened this time around!!!

  • Tracking my Macros and Increasing my protein 

I’ve never been very good at eyeballing how much food I should be eating. There are so many tempting foods and I find that having to track everything that goes into my mouth holds me more accountable to my plan.

While at Costco the other day they had these toasted coconut and dark chocolate covered cashews and they sort of jumped into the cart (whoops! Can’t even blame it on the kids because I went alone, 🙂 ). I had my nice dinner of 5 oz of Cod cooked in a tsp of coconut oil and a cup and a half of veggies which was roughly 175 calories. I opened up the container of cashews and ate a few because I had some fats left for the day. When I saw that 5, JUST 5, of those little suckers were 170 calories I couldn’t believe it!! It’s a good thing I saw that before I ate any more!

  • I did some blood work to determine if I had any vitamin and mineral deficiencies

This is really important because your body can’t work at it’s optimal level if it’s struggling to do the things you ask of it daily. I found out that I have SUPER low iron stores as well as low Vitamin D. I’m correcting these deficiencies with some amazing supplements and I’m already starting to feel like myself. If you’re having a hard time losing weight, have depression like symptoms, are forgetful, tired…etc I highly recommend getting some blood work done. CLICK HERE to see what David and I had tested and what supplements I’m taking to correct it.

  • I’ve increased the amount of weight that I’m lifting

With each workout from week 1 to week 4 I was able to increase the weights I was using (except those darn shoulders!!) and on my legs even doubled the weights!! I’m STRONGER now than when I started.

  • Showing why it’s important to KEEP GOING even if the scale doesn’t move

This one isn’t really a change but I’ve been excited to do this little experiment that I read about while getting my certification as a nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition. Once you’ve been able to increase your calories to a certain point (mine being 2050 calories per day based off the calculations they gave) and keep your weight pretty consistent then you’re body is able to burn and use up all those calories which results in a higher metabolism. From that point you create a small 200-300 calories per day deficit to lose the weight. I’m aiming to be at that point in the next 2-4 weeks and then be able to cut my calories the last phase of Body Beast.

It’s important to choose a workout that will help you towards your goal and that you remember exactly what your goals are. So while I’m not totally thrilled about the results you can see (pictures and scale) I acknowledge that I’m AM reaching the GOALS that I set before I started Body Beast.


WEEK 4 Workouts and Review

This week I had to take off quite a few days. Sunday, my rest day, I woke up feeling it. Monday and Tuesday I decided to not do any workouts and even take a nap (the blood tests showed an elevated white blood cell count). I didn’t want to force my body to work through it. When you’re sick your body is already working overtime to get rid of whatever’s invading your body and a workout will make it take longer. It drove me crazy to take that time off but I came back strong and ready to crush it 100%.

Hey ladies...feeling weak during your workouts? It may be this. 🙂

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Beast Back and Bi’s


(Watch video above)

Turbofire Fire 30

Decided to throw in some Turbofire today. I didn’t feel like working out, which is why my rule of thumb is never to miss more that 2 days in a row. I got about 20 mins in and turned it off. I just wasn’t giving it my all and it was making me even more frustrated. 🙂 we all have those bad days, right?

Beast Shoulders

Which video do you think targeted my shoulders most? Answer: the top video.

I see people all of the time choosing super heavy weights and throwing them around. While this still works the muscle you’re risking injury. Chose the weight that you can do without having to swing the weights. Also focus on the specific muscle you’re targeting. Feel the burn happening in that muscle. Feel it flex and unflex. That’s how you’re gonna get some amazing results.

And that’s a wrap!! 4 weeks of Body Beast is DONE!! Moving on to the BULK phase and week 5! I’m slightly nervous because I don’t remember getting to this phase the last time I tried to do Body Beast. Wish me luck!!

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