Body Beast Week 2 Review for Women

Another one bites the dust… Another week has come and gone! ANNNNNNNNNNND I feel FREAKING FANTASTIC!! I’m slowly starting to feel more energy coming back and even though I haven’t seen a drop in the scale and only in a few of my measurements I’m noticing a huge difference. I saw some ABS!! Ladies this is the Body Beast Week 2 Review for Women. 😀 

Body Beast Week 2 Review for Women - Abs

For me, there’s always a transition period when I start a new workout and especially a weight lifting routine, where I am completely drained. I did take a 1 ½ hour nap on Sunday (which is also my rest day from working out) and that seemed to help a bit.

Here are my starting, week 1 and week 2 measurements. I’ll be taking photos at 30, 60 and 90 days.

Body Beast Week 2 Review for Women

I upped my weights by just a tad and really struggled with the biceps and shoulder workouts. I could just tell I was tired so week 3 i’m going to eat in the morning before I workout to see if that will help.

During week 2 I kept my calories at 1700/day. I didn’t want to gain more weight but I still want my metabolism to know it’s getting enough food…and I did that! No weight gain in week 2 makes for a happy ME! 🙂

Since I didn’t gain weight last week that means my body is using all that food for fuel. For week 3 I’m going to increase my calories to 1800/day since my goal is to eventually get up to 2050 calories without significant weight gain.  Excited to see what happens during week 3!

Week 2 Thoughts and Review of the workouts

Day 8 Chest and Tri’s

Today I decided to try the decline push-ups using the bench. THOSE ARE KILLER!! Week 1 I did them as regular pushups so I wasn’t sure if I could even do them. I did 10!!! <Insert happy dance> 🙂 I can feel the muscles plumping back up and my strength getting better.

Day 9 Leg Day!!

Do you ever record yourself to watch your form? I use to think I was doing these right until I recorded myself…then I saw my knee tracking over my toes and my legs too close together.

It’s made a huge difference, not just in protecting my knees, but also allowing me to do heavier weights.
Body Beast Legs done and they are toast!

Day 10 Back and Biceps (plus Beast abs!)

Work it WEDNESDAY!! Today I felt STRONG!! I realized that my back is stronger than I give it credit for. I upped my weights because I knew I could. I like using the bands for the pull ups but I think next week I need to use the pull up assist if I’m going to get back to doing unassisted pull-ups. GOAL by the end of 90 days!!!

Also decided to throw in Beast abs. It was a great ab routine with a couple of new moves that I hadn’t done before. I know I need to work my abs more but they are 100% my weakest muscles. Plus with a herniated disk (hasn’t bothered me in quite a while) I try to watch how much I do. Sometimes I think I use it as a crutch because I’m really not a fan of working my abs so here’s another goal… work my abs at least 2 times a week.

Day 11 Shoulders


It’s almost 3 pm and I had talked myself out of working out. I’ve increased my weights in all of the workouts this week and my body is SCREAMING at me.

I think the only thing not sore is my hair, toes and nails. 😜 ok, it’s not quite that bad but I’m definitely feeling it everywhere.

You are stronger than your excuses. YOU have to make it happen.

Day 12 Cardio day!

Decided to throw in a T25 Speed 1.0 for a nice quick workout. What I like about this particular cardio workout is you do the move and then you stretch a certain muscle on your body. Helps to stretch the muscles after these crazy weight workouts. Oh, and if you look cute after your workout…you didn’t go hard enough. In other words I went hard enough. lol!!

I may add in a few days of Yoga (maybe I’ll try the 3 week Yoga Retreat on OnDemand) to stretch back out the muscles. I can tell they’re getting tight.

Day 13 Chest and tri’s

That one was hard…doing it 2 times in one week. I didn’t take any photos or videos. Can’t remember why but I’ll just assume I was in the zone with the workouts. Haha!

Day 14 REST DAY!!!

YAY!!! WHOA did I feel like I needed this rest day today!! My body was tired. I had to modify the schedule a little because I devote my Sunday’s to God and my family. In this crazy busy world of scouts, school, friends, sports…etc. it’s nice to have one day a week to attend church and be uplifted. Makes such a difference when we take that time to slow down. 🙂

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