Body Beast Week 1 Review for Women

Well week 1 has come and gone and I’m feeling…well, STRONG (except when doing those Sagi 6 way moves…those things are KILLER!!) This is the Body Beast Week 1 Review for Women.

In this first week my goal was to increase my calories up to 1700/day without gaining much weight. I knew that I would gain a pound or two just because I was lifting weights.

You see when you first start a weight workout your muscles are filling with water and storing glycogen in them. It’s totally normal to gain weight in the beginning…so if that’s you, stay strong…you’re more than what the number on the scale says.

Below are my Day 1 and Day 8 stats:


As you can see my body weight increased and so did some of my measurements. Again, this is thanks to the new weights workouts.

I know some of you women are probably FREAKING OUT and wondering how I’m ok with this. 🙂 Here’s the deal. A pound of FAT is approx. 3,500 calories so naturally 1 ½ pounds is approx. 5,250. In order to actually GAIN 1.5 pounds of fat I would have to OVER EAT 5,250 calories that week.
Taking into consideration that my body needs over 1700 calories just to do the daily functions (sleep, pump blood, breath, digest food…etc) I don’t think i over ate.

The more likely culprits? INFLAMMATION-When we lift weights we create small tears in the muscle. This is why we get sore after a strenuous workout. Those tiny tears also require more water to help repair those muscles. STRESS-When you start a weight routine you’re adding additional stress to the muscle. Proper nutrition, adequate sleep and rest can also play a roll in why you may see the scale go up. Gaining muscle quicker than you’re losing fat-This can happen when you start lifting weights. Your inches could be going up as well since you’re adding muscle quickly but the fat is still there. Be patient. Let your body catch up.

So what does this mean for week 2? Well my goals are still the same; increase my weight or reps for each workout without gaining any more weight, continue eating 1,700 calories and giving it all I’ve got 100% of the time!!

Week 1 workout review: Build Phase

Chest and Tri’s-

Length: 49 minutes

  • Equipment needed: Bench or stability ball, chair and weights.

David and I did this first workout, together. One of the biggest perks for me doing this program is that we’re able to encourage each other and know exactly what the other is going through…because they just did it too. 🙂 We don’t always get to workout together because I get up early to get it done before the kids wake up but on days that I can I’ll move my workout to later in the day.

I was a little surprised at how strong my chest was. It’s been a long time since I specifically worked my chest. By the end of the chest exercises I could feel that muscle was going to be sore the next day. But it wasn’t over. We moved on to Triceps (tri’s). This is definitely a smaller muscle group and because of that the weight I was able to use was a lot less than any other workout.

Felt good after day 1 getting back into just lifting weights. I love my cardio so this is a change of pace for me.


  • Length: 38:18
  • Equipment needed: Bench/stability ball, chair, curl bar with weights (optional), weights

Leg Day…IT’S MY FAVORITE!!! No really! I love working out my legs. It’s the strongest part of my body and I feel like a BEAST when I can work them out. When it hurts I can push through. My other muscles…no so much.

I found while doing this workout I needed to use heavier weights to feel the strain on the leg muscles. My forearm muscles were giving out before my legs were. I thought about adding a weighted vest to my leg day but decided not to when I read that I needed to let my arm muscles gain strength too. Don’t want to have big legs and tiny arms. 🙂

The moves are your typical leg workouts; deadlifts, squats, lunges, calf raises…etc. Nothing crazy and you can make it as hard or as easy as you need to by choosing lighter or heavier weights.

Rest day

My body was fighting off a cold or something and I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I decided to take a rest day to let my body get rid of it.

It’s not uncommon to get sick when you first start a workout routine. Your body is working hard to repair the muscles and because of that your immune system is lower. Take a days rest and then jump back in. Make sure to get enough sleep, drink lots of water to flush out the bug and eat the right foods to help nourish your body.  

Back and bi’s

  • Length: 50 minutes
  • Equipment needed: Bench (or stability ball), Chin-Up Bar (or bands with door attachment), weights, curl bar with plates, chair (optional but can be used during pull-ups)

This one is another workout that I surprised myself with. My back is actually pretty strong. I’m not able to do a pull up so I’m using a band to do the moves. My goal is to get back to using the Pull up assist.

My biceps were a little sore after that workout but nothing I couldn’t handle. If you’re struggling to even brush your hair the next day you went too hard. I felt rejuvenated after taking the day off yesterday.


  • Length: 38 minutes
  • Equipment needed: Bench (or stability ball), weights, curl bar with plates

Wow!! Now that was a shoulder workout!!!

Today was, by far, the hardest workout for me in this first week of Body Beast. My shoulders were on FIRE 🔥 especially after the last move.

First time that I couldn’t go up in weights and had to use 5’s the entire last set of workouts. Was a little defeated but didn’t give up! Next week I know what to expect.


Wasn’t a huge fan of this cardio workout so I ended up turning it off and throwing in TurboFire Fire 55. It’s one of my SoulMate workouts. I did this program years ago when I first started using Beachbody workouts and had AMAZING results. I’ll probably continue to sub in a Turbofire workout on cardio days.  

Final thoughts:

  • This is a slower workout than 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.
  • If you take the breaks in between sets you’ll find that it’s just enough time for your muscles to get ready to go again.
  • Start off with lower weights. The intensity increases with each rep so if it’s too easy you can always adjust higher with the next set of reps. Always strive to do more the next time.
  • I decided to use the bench instead of the stability ball. The ball was much harder for me because I struggle with my muscles in my core (thank you 4 babies I’ve had) 🙂
  • I wasn’t super sore after each day…just enough to be slightly uncomfortable.
  • Women- YOU can do this program too!

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