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I haven’t been this excited about a new workout since…… P90X2, Asylum and P90X. Okay, so maybe Beachbody makes incredible workouts but seriously, this one is AWESOME. And what makes it different than ALL the OTHERS is that it’s purely designed for building muscle and gaining mass with minimal equipment! You don’t need a gym full of olympic-sized weights, squat rats, leg presses and bench presses.

You can learn more about the Body beast workout by checking out my Bodybeast article. Here I’m going to share my results from doing Body Beast for 90 days.

Can you really gain 10 lbs of muscle in 90 days?

The Bodybeast program claims that you can gain 10 lbs of muscle 90 days. Is that what I experienced? NO! I gained 10 lbs of muscle in 60 days! HAHA.. what I mean is that the first 2 phases of the Beast program are designed to add the mass. For the last 30 days, you’re actually ‘cutting’ the bodyfat by reducing calories and increasing cardio again. So while you gain bodyfat while gaining muscle during the first 2 phases, the goal is to have you back near your starting bodyfat at the end of 90 days, but with 10 lbs more of muscle.


So how were my Bodybeast Results? See for your self:

Body beast Results - David Ingram - 90 Results round 1

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I’ve been told that my results are AMAZING and I’ve been asked by Beachbody to submit my photos to be potentially included in their infomercial.  But I can tell you that I am THRILLED with my results. I’ve worked out at the gym in years past and and I’ve NEVER gotten results like this in just 2-3 months!  Body beast is a world class program and it is VERY well designed — between the dynamic set training in the workouts to the nutrition plan. I’ve never gotten a pump in the muscles like this before!

And that’s why I’m moving right on to ROUND 2 !!!

5 Keys to My success:

A lot of people have been asking me for tips on how I got these kind of results. It really boils down to 4 things:

1) Embrace the nutrition guide and Track what you eat!

The Beast Book is one of the BEST I’ve seen for nutrition and it’s designed 100% to gain mass. Even the calorie recommendations take into account your BODYFAT. That’s the first workout I’ve seen that does this. I was a little skeptical about adhering to 25% protein / 50% carbs / 25% fat but I did and WOW, it worked well. I use Myfitnesspal.com and the iPhone app (with the bar-code scanner) to easily track what I eat each day. When it comes to building muscle, Sagi says nutrition is 100% of the equation. If you don’t eat enough, you WILL NOT gain mass!

2) Join our Support Group! 

I host a Body Beast Challenge group on Facebook called “The Beast up Crew!” and we have a Voxer voice chat group. It’s a lot of fun to be doing this with others who know what you’re going through. We share meal ideas, supplement experience, progress photos and tips to encourage and push each other. You’re welcomed to join us! Sign up with a free team beachbody account with me as your coach and then join our Facebook group here.

3) Track your Workout progress

Using tracking sheets is a MUST during Bodybeast. There were many workouts where I increased just 5 lbs on a set but over 12-15 reps, that’s a lot more weight. If I didn’t have my tracking sheets to refer back to, I would have not been able to push myself a little more each workout. A friend of mine made some new tracking sheets that allow you to track 6 weeks worth of progress on each sheet. MUCH better than printing out 6 new Beachbody tracking sheets each week. Here is the Build Phase Tracking sheet and the Bulk Phase Tracking sheet.

4) Develop Mental Toughness 

Gaining mass is NOT easy. It requires you to EAT more than you think you need. It requires you to push your muscles to the point of exhaustion! When your body says “stop!”, You have to say “NO! Keep going” until you have safely exhausted the muscle. THEN you will see growth. I’ve never felt my muscles burn like this before so I had to really learn to “embrace the burn” !

5) Take your Supplements! 

Do you really think you’re going to grow 10 lbs of muscle in 90 days without Supplements?  There are 6 supplements I took the entire 90 days. Shakeology (not required to build muscle, I take it to be healthy), Cellcor C4 as my pre-workout (see my review here) and these 4 Beast Supplements:


Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake  – it’s a high quality whey protein plus digestive enzymes to help enhance protein utilization and reduce gas and bloating. I have this post-workout with the Beachbody Base Shake and Creatine. (see below).

Beachbody Fuel Shot – it instantly triggers an insulin response with its high glycemic index (GI), for more energy and faster recovery during and after workouts. It also has vital electrolytes to keep you hydrated and supports muscle mass growth with a higher calorie load than just P90X Results & Recovery Drink. You’re supposed to actually combine this with the BasesShake for your POST-workout recovery.

Beachbody MAX Creatine – Bodybeast recommends 10 grams of creatine daily. Why? It supports an increase in strength, muscle recovery, and muscle mass. I have 5g in the morning with my Shakeology and 5g in my post workout shake.

Beachbody Super Suma – THIS is the game changer! It helps enhance testosterone production and it supports protein synthesis for faster muscle repair. I have 1 pill in the morning with my Shakeology and 1 mid-after noon with water.


How can I save money on the Bodybeast Supplements and Workout DVDS?

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