Ultimate Reset Results

What can I say? This girl is a Rock Star!! So incredibly proud of Adrienne for finishing the reset!! Its not an easy program but she DID IT and had AMAZING RESULTS!!  She, like most women, struggled with gaining and losing the same few pounds. This program helped her to see just how important nutrition is. Her Ultimate Reset Results makes me so proud of her!

Congratulations Adrienne!!


What program did you do? 

I completed the Ultimate Reset 21 Day Program

What results did you see? How many inches did you lose?

My Ultimate Reset Results: I lost 15 pounds 181.8 to 166.8 and lost a total of 13.5″

How has your life changed from this program?

I was pretty casual about my nutrition. I knew I needed to cut out certain things and add more nutrient dense items to my diet. I knew how to eat right but I just love my sweets! I could loose a few pounds and then gain it back after a few days of not watching my diet. Then I just kept gaining and not loosing. I needed a jumpstart to change.

And I worked out almost everyday but not putting in the effort I needed to. Plus I had a couple injuries from volleyball that I never let rest. I needed a set meal plan I could follow and time to rest and heal my body. And to let my brain know I could accomplish something if I stuck to it. So I did the 21 day detox – Ultimate Reset.

Adrienne Ultimate Reset Success Stories
Adrienne Ultimate Reset Results
How has the support of a coach and this team helped you?

It was very assuring to have people going through the same thing as me. The reset (21 day detox) is hard!! And it is a lot of work, so knowing others out there were doing the exact same thing as me was helpful to me. I knew I had a place to ask questions or just get reassurance that I would survive! And knowing that my coach Kate had done it made her support that much more valuable. And she checked in on me to make sure I was on track and gave me encouragement. So helpful! It was nice to have a small group versus the entire Facebook Community that I could share small victories with and hardships that may have come up.

How important was nutrition for you to get results?

Nutrition is everything for me. I can workout for hours and days in a row and it makes me feel good, but I don’t ever see results unless I am conscious of my nutrition. Please don’t be mad…I don’t use Shakeology, and it was not part of the reset anyway!

Adrienne 21 day fix
What would you say to someone that’s considering joining our challenge?

DO IT!!! It is not easy, but so worth it! It is a lot of hard work and time but just the feeling of accomplishment is amazing. All the other stuff for me was bonus! The weight loss, the clean gut, healthy eating was all bonus, I was really just impressed with myself for sticking to it and finishing. It works differently for every person, but I am happy with my ultimate reset weight loss results. You could also look up other people’s ultimate reset weight loss results and see for yourself. I personally have finished hard things before but this one I am really proud of! I had people doubt me and the process of the program and to see their faces when I told them my progress…Payday!

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