David & Kate

  • Parents of 4 awesome children, living in Colorado
  • 15 & 5 Star Diamond Independent Beachbody Coaches
  • Founders of Symbiotic Fitness & Team Symbiotic Coaching Team

We formed Symbiotic Fitness based on the idea of leading by example, helping others achieve their goals and having fun along the way. It has now become one of the fastest growing Beachbody coaching teams! WHY? Because we’re passionate about positively influencing the lives of other people!


OUR Lives have changed a lot since finding Beachbody:

We had hit rock bottom physically & mentally.We were dealing with a lot of stress and depression after our 3rd child. David was working full time, going to school in the evenings and Kate was dealing with postpartum depression and 3 kids at home. Things started to change when we found the RIGHT plan and RIGHT support system that fit our busy schedules.






I always put myself last…I thought that’s what mothers were supposed to do. The problem is, when you’re so stressed, depressed and out of energy, it DOESN’T HELP your kids, it only makes things worse…

You CAN get your body back and BE the parent your children deserve! Are you feeling cranky & hormonal? Down on yourself because of stretch marks? Or maybe just feel too busy and stressed? I can relate! By taking care of myself, I’m able to be a BETTER, HAPPIER mother for my children. So can you and I will show you how!


“I don’t have time to workout & eat healthy”… is what I believed.Working full time in a demanding career, going to business school in the evenings, Church and 3 kids. So I settled for convenience: Caffeine and eating out all the time. And for the first time in my life, I started gaining weight and was told my cholesterol was too high. My work clothes weren’t fitting anymore and I felt uncomfortable taking off my shirt at the swimming pool.

One of the most embarrassing moments when was I took my Boy Scouts on a backpacking hike and I couldn’t keep up with ANY of them. I was DEADLAST at the end of the line and they had to stop and wait for me. I was shocked at how out-of-shape I had become…I wanted to be the father my kids could look up to…And to do that, I had to have the ENERGY to keep up with them. I had to SHOW THEM that I cared enough about my body, my temple to treat it right. I had to make the time to exercise & eat healthy. THEN I could be the Dad who wasn’t stressed and tired, and instead be the Dad who loved having fun and going on adventures. No longer am I the Dad that let life walk all over me.



We found the solution…Things started to change when we found the RIGHT plan and RIGHT support system that fit our busy schedules. We quit the gym, and started working out at home, connected with an online support community, and started replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology and got into the BEST shape of our lives!

Our Results From Using Beachbody Programs:

Photo Shoot - Before after Kate FB r

We fell in love with inspiring people around us so we became Beachbody Coaches. Since becoming Coaches, we’ve helped a lot of people improve their lives including some very close friends & family members. Having a way to help people solve problems in their lives is extremely rewarding. One of the best feelings ever!

These are just a few amazing transformations of people we’ve helped. If you’re ready to get into the best shape of your life, consider joining one of our Challenges. Or join our free support community.


Are you ready for a change? Want to get more results than you are? Or just want to be a part of a positive community?