5 Tips for Exercising during your period

5 Tips for Exercising during your period

Ok, men close your ears and stop reading here.
For you women out there I’m going to share some thing that I noticed while going through this program ((or any workout program for that matter)) and give you some tips to get through it. Here are the 5 Tips for Exercising during your period.

Body Temperature Change

It’s no secret that our hormones change when we start our periods <<I told you men to stop reading. Lol!!>> This can change the way we feel, the things we crave, how hard we push ourselves, weight gain…yeah, aren’t we lucky? So here are a few tips and how to combat them!

Iron on your body might drop

When you start typically your body becomes iron deficient. This usually causes lethargy which makes it hard to workout. While shakeology has iron in it you’ll need more. Good sources are red meat (I try to eat it at least once if not twice during that time) spinach, nuts, beans and whole grains.

Weight gain on the move!

Weight gain-BLEH!! I religiously gain 2-3 pounds! Just know that it’s going to happen! Bloating should be less if you’re following the meal plan though.

The chocolate craving…

When that chocolate craving happens make chocolate shakeology ice cream, shakeology bars, have a second shakeology if needed, whatever works but doesn’t cause you to fall off.

You can absolutely do better!

I noticed that I was having a harder time lifting the heavier weights I was able to do just the week before. That can happen too but that doesn’t mean that you can take it easy. Push to do at least the same weight and reps.


Which brings me to the last thing…track your weights and reps. How are you going to get better if you don’t know you’re getting better? You can exercise during your period. You can do it! Plus losing weight during your period? Even better right? Make that week count just like the rest. It’s only 21 days…so give it everything you’ve got!!!

5 Tips for Exercising during your period

Ever have times like for the past few days you’ve been so tired. I’ve had to push myself to workout each day. I’ve been cranky and just bleh! Yeah, I get them once a month too but this time it was REALLY bad.

When “Aunt Flo” comes for a visit it’s very common to become iron deficient (anemic) which can cause tiredness, sluggishness, dizzyness, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating as well as other things. It’s even more important to eat a healthy diet during that week, and guess what? It can help with cravings AND moodiness because you’re keeping your hormones in check!

What to eat when this happens

I don’t eat usually eat red meat but during that time I’ll make the exception. Bison (probably the leanest and healthiest but also the most expensive), beef, fish and chicken are all great sources of iron. There are also good sources of iron for vegans as well like; cooked soy beans (make sure they’re organic or you’ll most likely be getting Genetically Modified soy beans), quinoa, cooked spinach and pumpkin seeds to name a few.

Here’s a tip! When you’re eating iron rich foods also eat foods high in vitamin C. The vitamin C helps the body absorb more iron!

This usually happens when you’re on your period. So when there’s enough iron in your body, You can continue to excercise during your period and losing weight during your period would happen too!

Bison burger anyone?

Hey ladies...feeling weak during your workouts? It may be this. 🙂

Posted by Kate Janda Ingram on Wednesday, 28 September 2016