22 Minutes Hard Corps – Week 1 REVIEW

22 minutes hard corps review - week 1

First impressions of 22 Mins Hard Corps

We are absolutely loving the new 22 minutes hard corps workouts! THANK YOU Tony for getting back to basics and giving us solid workouts where we can MOVE and get our hearts pumping.  These workouts don’t pound your lower body all week long, nor do they have super complicated moves. They are simple moves that ANYONE can do. Even though we’re headed out on a cruise this week, we’ve been sampling the workouts and have created some short video reviews for you to see.

How difficult is 22 Minutes Hard Corps

I wouldn’t say that this is a beginners program but I believe most people can get started with it. If something is too difficult (like pull-ups, sit-ups, or burpees, there is someone in each workout showing you a modified move! If you’re doing the workouts using Beachbody’s On Demand streaming, you can actually enable side-by-side video which keeps a camera on the modifier moves.

The official word from Beachbody is that this workout is considered intermediate to advanced. But I know many people who started with P90X (myself included) and just did our best to complete as much as we could (which was only about 20 % in the beginning).

Just do your best, and your best will get better each week.

22 Minutes Hard Corps Review – Cardio 1

Watch the video above to get a good look at Cardio 1.

You can totally do this. These are solid moves that will make your heart pound and your lungs burn and that’s a good thing. I’d say that it’s somewhere between Focus T25 and Insanity Max 30 in terms of difficulty.

Is 22 Minutes ENOUGH to get results?

Based on the 22 Minutes Hard Corps Results I’ve seen from the test group, you can absolutely get RESULTS. But remember, it’s up to you to push yourself. Most people can do these workouts…especially Cardio 1 so you gotta bring the intensity.

80% of your results will come from your nutrition so I recommend that you use the extra time you’ll have from only doing 22 minutes of exercise to focus on your meal prep.


22 Minutes Hard Corps Review – Resistance 1

Watch the video above to get a good look at Resistance 1.

This workout was quite a bit harder than Cardio 1. Pull-ups, push-ups, squats and lunges in rapid succession. But remember, there are modified moves for all of it.

What kind of equipment do you need for 22 Minutes Hard Corps?

You really only need a few light dumbbells and a pull-up bar.  If you buy the Deluxe Kit or Challenge Pack, it comes with a sandbag that you can fill with up to 20 lbs of sand. During the workouts, you’ll see the option to use either a dumbbell or sandbag.

In this particular Resistance 1 workout, I used 15 lb dumbbells and a pull-up station but I can see myself working up to 20lbs and 25lbs.

If you absolutely can’t afford dumbbells and a pull-up bar (or don’t have anywhere to mount one), you CAN get by with just resistance bands and a door-attachment.

22 Minutes Hard Corps Review – Core 1

Watch the video above to get a good look at Core 1.

This core workout is 10 minutes, it’s optional and is done in addition to the daily 22 minute workout, 2-3x per week.

This ab routine is nowhere near as hard as P90X Ab Ripper X but I have a feeling we’re only getting started because there are actually 2 Core routines in the base program and another one in the Special Ops Workouts (comes w/ Deluxe Kit).

If I have a weak core, can I get started with Core 1?


Absolutely — I think they designed it to allow anyone to make progress and strengthen their core, before moving on to more difficult routines. Just like all the other workouts in 22 Minutes Hard Corps, there are modified moves (as you’ll see in the video above).

What about the 22 Min Hard Corps NUTRITION GUIDE?

After reviewing the Rations for Results nutrition guide, I gotta say, So far I really like what I’m seeing. Very simple, and easy to follow. They even have a section with HOW TO BREAK A WEIGHT-LOSS PLATEAU! That’s a first for ANY of Beachbody’s nutrition guides!  I went through the whole guide and made a video simplifying it for you. Check out my 22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan Simplified.

22 minute hard corps meal plan