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Our 21 Day Fix Results

The one that helped Kate break her 2-year plateau after our 4th child…
The one that helped me get back on track and shredded in 21 days with better results than P90X…
IS..FINALLY…HERE and available for YOU!

Kate and I were in the test group and we haven’t been able to share ANY DETAILS like what we ate, and how we got such AMAZING results… UNTIL NOW! We are EXCITED to share with you our 21 day fix extreme results !¬†

Kate and I have had this program for several months with exclusive access to the creator Autumn Calabrese) and we have SO much to share.

Some people are ready to jump into the 21 DF Extreme, some will start with the regular program and work their way up.

This is MORE than a workout program, this is MORE than a diet, this is MORE than just a support group…

This is for people who want to go ALL IN and make some serious changes in how they eat, and their habits around exercise.

Check out David’s 21 Day Fix Extreme transformation video:

21 Day Fix Extreme Results – After 4 kids:

21 Day Fix Extreme Results - After kids - Kate Ingram

21 Day Fix extreme Meal Plan

What you eat will determine 70-80% of your results on this program. If you’d like to see examples of exactly what we ate, check out our 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal plan.

Join our 21 Day Fix Extreme Private Support group

– if YOU would LIKE to get some of the BEST results you EVER have with just 30 minute workouts each day
– If YOU would LIKE to hit the reset button on your nutrition and learn from the ground up, a simple EASY way to eat right with a SIMPLE plan
– if YOU would LIKE some accountability with crazy cash prizes on the line…
– if YOU would LIKE some NEW, delicious recipes…
– if YOU would LIKE to come into our kitchen and see how we prep quick easy meals and have YOUR questions answered…
– if YOU would like to be in a big fun support group

Then it’s time to raise your hand and let us know because we are hosting a very special Challenge Group with the new 21 Day Fix EXTREME and the 21 Day Fix.

This program is a GAME CHANGER and it is absolutely my favorite 30 min workout.

Want to be in our Exclusive TEST GROUP ? Fill out the app below¬†then we’ll chat to discuss your goals:

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