21 Day Fix Extreme Nutrition Simplified

To get extreme results in only 21 days, it requires your 21 day fix meal plan to be ON POINT. Now’s not the time to slack on nutrition, you’ve got only 21 days to make it happen. With some planning and prep work, your 21 day fix meal diet will be a success.  Anyone can do something for 21 days, right?!

The 21 Day fix extreme meal plan really simplifies things. You don’t have to count calories or macros, just utilize the color-coded containers and they will ensure you’re eating the right amount of food, as well as the right balance. Chances are, you haven’t been eating enough vegetables…but don’t worry, on this plan you will be! 🙂

21 Day Fix Extreme Test Group participants

Kate and I were both in the test group when 21 Day Fix Extreme was being created. We had access to program creator Autumn Calabrese AND the Master Nutritionists at Beachbody. We got to ask lots of questions and get answers to common questions. We’d be happy to share them with you. Just comment below!

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

The results we got in just 3 weeks are some of THE BEST we’ve ever gotten. Better than what David got from P90X. This is what helped Kate lose the baby weight (that was clinging on for dear life) after our 4th child.

21 day fix extreme results - mens results

See David’s Results

21 day fix extreme results after kids

See Kate’s Results


Kate’s 21 day fix extreme meal plan


The amount of food and containers you get to eat during the 21 Day Fix extreme workout depends on your starting weight. You also have a choice between the Extreme meal plan and the Countdown the Competition plan. Kate did the standard 21 Day Fix Extreme plan and had amazing results. You can see Kate’s 21 day fix extreme results here.

21 day fix extreme meal plan for awesome results

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Kate’s 21 DFX Meal plan is color coded to show you what container each food represents. Remember, you don’t HAVE to eat the food from the containers. They are more just measuring tools. Once you start to memorize the amount of food that fits into each container, you’ll be able to just eye-ball it. This may take a few rounds so don’t get too lenient your first time through 🙂

Want help with your 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal plan?

We’ve been coaching people for 5 years and specialize in nutrition. When you join our Private Support Group, we help you with your meal plan. We also help people break through plateaus and help them know when it’s time to increase or decrease the amount of food they are eating.

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